5a. NoodleTools

We have a subscription to NoodleTools.

The easiest way to access NoodleTools is to log in through Google Drive. Look for the NoodleTools App in the Google Suite:

If you can’t access NoodleTools through Google Drive, then sign in using your school email address through the Access via Google for Education section.  Click HERE to sign in.

(You shouldn’t need the username and password information for NoodleTools, but if you do, it can be found HERE.)

NoodleTools Quick Guide for Students : This quick guide covers the following topics:

  • How to create a new account
  • How to start a new project and a source list
  • How to create notecards
  • How to share a project with your teacher
  • How to set up a project collaboration with your classmates

NoodleTools Help Desk and FAQs

****If you have a MLA Lite account, click HERE for the steps on how to move your projects from a MLA Lite account to the school’s subscription account.