Lesson One

For our first lesson, we are going to look at different blogs out in the world. First, what is blogging? To find out how blogging is used in the world, explore at least three of the blogs below.  Please visit at least one blog in English and at least one blog in Spanish.

National Holidays

  • Oaxaca Cultural Navigator – This blog about Oaxaca highlights a lot of Mexican holidays, as well as the culture and daily life of Oaxaca.

Religious Holidays

Travel Holidays

  • OE Travel Blogs – Overseas Experience Travel Blogs. Use the categories on the right to navigate the page.
  • Smiths in Uganda – One family’s blog about traveling (seemingly) around the world
  • Always Chasing – Travel blog about weather, the environment and visiting new places.
  • Western River Trip Review – Company Blog Reviewing different rafting trips

En español

After you review 2-3 different blogs, please fill out your blog evaluation form. Make sure to note what you liked about a specific blog, name your favorite post, and describe the purpose.

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