Unidad 3 Hogar dulce hogar


Poster credo por Carolina EM usando imágenes de Google

Poster credo por Carolina EM usando imágenes de Google


Activa tu conocimiento previo agregando tus respuestas a nuestro muro virtual:



Lee todos los comentarios escritos por tus compañeros en nuestro muro virtual y completa la hoja de vocabulario.

Instrucciones – Identifica las siguientes categorías de palabras, que se relacionan con nuestra unidad, y escríbelas en la hoja de vocabulario. Clasifícalas según su función:

  • Todos los verbos  en su forma indefinida (sin conjugación)
  • Todos los sustantivos con su respectivo artículo (el, la, los, las)
  • Todos los adjetivos

Hoja de vocabulario – Hogar dulce hogar

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on “Unidad 3 Hogar dulce hogar
One Comment on “Unidad 3 Hogar dulce hogar
  1. Hogar Dulce Hogar

    1. My family is different to other families. They are different because they are very kind they always give food and money to children in need or who don’t have a home or someone that can care for them Just today they give a lonely kid in scruffd up old clothes that were too small for him some money to buy some food. Also my family religion is Christiane so we worship god. I think We are different because on like most families my family is very caring.

    2. My house is in the compound Kyanda next to the compound Luanda. My house is quite big and modern. Inside my house there are many big pictures of art decorated in lovely frames they are in the lounge. The rooms in my house are spacious. In my brothers room there are two huge posters of the avengers and Spiderman in my room there are tons of posters of rugby players and tennis players. Also there is a TV in my room as well as my bookshelf. Also there are many more rooms in my house.

    3. My house is different from houses in other countries. It is different because in England all of the floors in houses around are mostly made of wood or carpet but here they are mostly made out of tile. A similarity is that both houses are clean.

    4. A house is a place were you live together with family or friends and its were you sleep have breakfast and go to school. A home is a place were you are with your best friends and closest family all caring for each other and it’s a place were you can be comfortable and have fun together a home is a place with you best people are.

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