Visual Arts Stand Alone | Mandalas | Visual Arts Learning Oucomes

In visual arts class this unit, students are creating mandalas and inquiring into the central idea: beliefs, values, and ideas are represented and communicated through symbols.

This week in art class, students have been focusing on the visual arts learning outcome: creating (phase 4) adjust and refine your creative process in response to constructive criticism as part of the PYP visual arts scopes and sequence.

After developing a purpose for their mandala based on a belief, value, and/or idea, students creating several sketches. They have presented their mandalas to each other in small groups, in pairs, in large groups, and some students have presented to other classes. They have received peer feedback and constructive criticism to improve their sketches and to get new ideas. Take a look at some pictures below of students giving and receiving constructive criticism:

Students are completing their final sketches and will begin creating their mandalas soon. For this unit, students experimented using oil pastel and will use oil pastels as the background of their mandala, unless a different art material suits the purpose of their mandala better. Eventually, they will add their choice of materials to the top of their mandalas.