Personal Inquiry – migration

For the past several weeks the year 6 students have been engaged in personal inquiries in connection to our Where We Are in Place and Time unit about migration. They have chosen category of migration to explore (early migration, modern migration, refugee migration) and have developed questions to help gain understanding of our lines of inquiry and related concepts.

Some of the guiding questions that students have been using to explore their migration category have been:

  • What is early/modern/refugee migration?
  • What are the reasons people migrate?
  • What are the impacts of migration on the individual, relationships and/or communities?
  • What challenges, risks and opportunities are connected to that category of migration?

While exploring the resources on our Where We Are in Place and Time padlet students have been independently using thinking routines to frame their thinking and help them dig deeper. These thinking routines include:

  •  See, Think, Wonder
  •  Think,Puzzle, Explore
  •  Connect, Extend, Challenge

After each research session students have  also reflected on what they achieved during that learning block and what ATLs (skills) they developed as a result.

We would like to encourage you to have a conversation with your child regarding the process they undertook when conducting a personal inquiries as they are a major learning engagement in preparation for our PYP Exhibition. Below are some questions to facilitate that discussion:

  • What did you find out regarding migration so far?
  • How are the related concepts of risk, challenge and opportunity connected to migration?
  • Can you show me how you use a thinking routine in class (see thinking routine names above)
  • What ATL do you think you developed the most during your personal inquiry? Why do you think that?

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