In connection to the How we express ourselves unit, our focus for mathematics will be on ‘Shape & Space’. Our learning outcomes (see below) will tie quite nicely with the unit as concepts and understandings around shape and space can easily be connected to notions of beauty and the elements and principles of art & design.

As preparation for this we have been reviewing what we have learned about perimeter and area of 2D shapes. This week we have also started investigating volume of 3D shapes. In addition to consolidating the learning outcomes for measurement which started in our How the world works unit, we will be focussing on the following learning outcomes for shape & space:

Phase 3: Applying with understanding

  • Analyse and describe 2D and 3D shapes, including regular and irregular polygons, using geometric vocabulary
  • Identify, describe and model congruency and similarity in 2D shapes

Phase 4: Constructing meaning

  • Understand the common language to describe shapes
  • Understand the properties of circles
  • Understand the properties of regular and irregular polyhedra

Phase 4: Transferring meaning into symbols

  • Create and model how a 2D net converts to a 3D shape and vice versa
  • Analyse , describe, classify and visualize 2D and 3D shapes using geometric vocabulary

For a recap (cheat sheet) on vocabulary, definition and formulas regarding some of the mathematics learning that has been occurring in Year 6 please click here.

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