Unit of Inquiry

Unit of Inquiry

As we continue our inquiry into Sharing the Planet, learners have been involved in some very interesting discussions focussed around the key concepts of perspective, responsibility and function, and the related concepts of action, compromise and pattern. Students have connected all six concepts with the big ideas of peace and conflict and developed open-ended questions around these ideas.

On Friday 8th September, we connected with Julie Wells, an Australian expert in conflict resolution, via Skype. Students demonstrated great listening skills as they thought carefully about, and participated in the interactive discussion. Julie introduced new ideas about layers or stages of conflict, and talked about some strategies to resolve conflict. Some questions that were raised during the Skype session included:

  • Do you always follow the steps [stages of conflict]?
  • Is there always a way to resolve a conflict?
  • Do the steps go in order or can you skip steps depending on the situation; how does this work?


This discussion and information furthered our understanding of the Lines of Inquiry:

  1. Characteristics of conflict
  2. The role perspectives play in conflict
  3. Actions that can be taken to address conflict


The learning outcomes the discussion was connected to include the following:

  • practice techniques of mediation and negotiation within the class and or school community
  • document examples of conflict (local and global) and identify the causes and consequences

Please ask your child “what stuck with them” or what stood out the most during the Skype connection.


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