During our Sharing the planet unit, Year 6 students have -and will continue to be- focused on reflective writing and personal narratives. We have spent a significant amount of time identifying what makes a good reflection and have identified some key aspects of good reflective writing that will be used throughout out this year.


Key aspects of reflective writing identified by Year 6 students include:

  • Deep thinking
  • Using Metacognition
  • Identifying strengths/weaknesses
  • Explaining and justifying  with examples
  • Setting goals for yourself
  • Asking questions of yourself

In addition to spending time writing reflections we have also begun to explore personal narratives as a genre. We have been using  Ralph Fletcher’s personal narrative as mentor texts to inquiry into the characteristics of a personal narrative. In addition to reading these texts “as a writer”, we have also spent some time reading these wonderful pieces “as a reader” and using our metacognitive strategies to think more deeply and make meaning of the text.

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