Approaches to Learning – Communication Skills

Last week, while a very short one for students, saw Year 6 continue to inquire into presentation types. They followed a process that included consideration of the ‘WHY’ (Why are you doing this, why is it important to share this?), ‘HOW’ (how will you achieve the ‘why’? How will you apply your learning from inquiring into presentation types? How will you make it effective?), and ‘WHAT’ (What is the outcome? What will you present about? What is your presentation type?) of their presentation.

Learners also thought about how they would structure their presentations, what feelings/emotions they wanted to evoke from their audience, how they would use non-verbal communication, and how they would use voice and the environment to increase the effectiveness of their message. Students also used interesting techniques such as use of quotes, questions, personal stories and humor to hook their audience and maintain engagement.

This week, students will be sharing their presentations in small groups and will provide feedback to each other. Students will then have the opportunity to revise their presentations based on relevant feedback.

Year 6 will continue to build on their presentation skills and use them during the upcoming PYP Exhibition.


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