How We Express Ourselves: Inquiry into Presentation Types

The Year 6 students are currently inquiring into types of presentations in the lead up to the  submission of a recorded presentation on the theme ‘What I perceive to be beautiful and why’. There are a number of presentation options available to them. They may choose to create a podcast, a TED talk, be interviewed, write and present a speech or arrange an audio visual performance. It is somewhat challenging as the children are required to identify something that represents beauty for them and present it in a 3 minute time period. They are further required to record the presentation for the purpose of a peer review. There are numerous technical and creative challenges that they must overcome.

Students have been working in class groups to unpack the above-mentioned presentation types, using the Parts, Purposes, Complexities thinking routine. The use of this thinking routine has revealed many interesting aspects students need to consider when developing and delivering their own presentations.

Today we were lucky to have Ms. Nicole, our Secondary Principal, as an expert guest speaker on presentations and public speaking. Ms. Nicole explained 5 key tips for public speaking and students asked many interesting questions to clarify their understanding.

Please chat to your child about aspects of what makes an effective presentation, and which presentation type they are choosing to explore further.

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