How We Express Ourselves – Summative Assessment

This week all Year 6 students have been engaging in a process of planning and producing a piece of art that expresses their perception of beauty.

The children were given the opportunity to choose between visual and performance art themes. As part of a multi-stage process each student was obliged to reflect on the factors that influence personal reactions to artwork. They generated composition ideas, justified their choices, sought peer feedback and experimented with range of media with the end goal of producing a piece of visual/performance art. An expectation of the process is that Year 6 would choose and focus on specific selected elements of art or music.

We are very thankful for the support of the Year 11 Visual Arts class, as they have been a fantastic source of information with regard to the artistic process as well being able to advise Year 6 on technical issues. Please talk to your child about their artworks but, more importantly, about the process that they undertook to select themes, perfect techniques, justify choices, and connect back to the key and related concepts of the unit of inquiry.

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