In connection with our current unit of inquiry, How we express ourselves, we have welcomed a wide range of teachers and administrators from both Primary and Secondary school give short presentations on their perceptions of beauty: what they find beautiful and why. Some of the contributions from our guests have included:

* Mathematics: Pascal’s Triangle, beautiful equations, wonder, mystery

* Culture/Identity: hair, strong women, gender

* Sports: teamwork, skills, creativity, strategy

* Nature: simplicity, ocean, sunsets, trees

* Art: abstract art, reflections, photography

*Music: harmony

We have also been collaborating with both the Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Arts classes. Year 6 students listened to short presentations and viewed art created by these classes with a focus on process.

We have used the ideas and perspectives presented by guest speakers, including Year 11 and Year 12 classes to extend our understanding of the central idea. Strong connections have also been made to the lines of inquiry, key concepts (form, connection, perspective) and related concepts (process, perception).

After collating the ideas of others as above, plus looking further into what they personally find to be beautiful and why, our learners have identified and categories patterns within reasons to discover what makes something beautiful.

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