Mathematics – Data Handling

As part of our investigation on our Unit of Inquiry ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ we will will be undertaking the analysis and interpretation of a wide range of data.

These investigations are aligned to the following mathematics outcomes for data handling:

Phase 3: transferring meaning into symbols


•   identify, read and interpret range and scale on graphs
•   identify the mode in a set of data
Phase 3: applying with understanding •  design a survey and systematically collect, organise and display data in pictographs and bar graphs
•  select appropriate graph forms to display data
•   interpret range and scale on graphs
Phase 4: constructing meaning •  understand that different types of graphs have different purposes
•  understand that mode, median, mean and range can summarise a set of data
Phase 4: transferring meaning into symbols • collect, display and interpret data in pie charts and line graphs

Please talk to your child about the relevant data that they can avail of through their personal google drives. This, of course, can be accessed over the holiday and has a great deal of content that aligns to data handling in Mathematics but also to our Unit of Inquiry generally. Ms Ju created a padlet that holds a lot of relevant information. It can be accessed here.


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