PYP Silent Art Auction | Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening night of thePYP Silent Art Auction, to those who were able to go to the auction last week, and to those who saw the artwork on the blogs. 

The silent auction raised 426,000 Kwanza for Trek for Meds: Their goal was to raise 500,000 Kwanza. With the money from the auction, Trek for Meds has already raised over 1,000,000 Kwanza!

Pajama Day this Friday, May 26!

Dear families, 

On Friday, May 26, the PYP Student Council has organized a Pajama Day. Students from Prep 3-Year 6 are invited to come to school wearing their pajamas. Please ensure your child is wearing safe and school appropriate clothing and shoes.  

Student council members created a promotional video: 

Thank you,

PYP Student Council and Ms. H (

Queridas famílias,

 Na sexta-feira, 26 de maio, o Conselho Estudantil do PYP organizou um Dia do Pajama. Os alunos dos anos 1-6 são convidados a vir para a escola vestindo seus pijamas. Por favor, certifique-se de que seu filho esteja usando roupas e sapatos seguros e escolares.

 Os membros do conselho estudantil criaram um vídeo promocional que foi mostrado às classes Y1-6:


 Conselho Estudantil do PYP e Sra. H ( )

PYP Silent Art Auction | Canvas Images

Bidding Instructions

Please email me ( with the year and class of the canvas you are bidding for, your bid amount in KWZ, your name, your child’s name, and your telephone number

-You can bid on as many canvases as you want.

-The auction closes at 3pm on Friday, May 26.

-The highest bid for each canvas will be the winners (only the highest bidder pays)

-The winners of each canvas will be notified on Monday, May 29 via email.

-The money raised will go to Trek for Meds: 

Please note: Due to unavailability of canvas materials in Luanda, the cost of each shipped canvas was 12,000-14,000 KWZ.

Here is a video of students creating their canvases:

Bidding Instructions | PYP Silent Art Auction

Monday, May 22, is the opening night of the PYP Silent Art Auction from 6-7:30pm in primary room 6A (see poster attached). Students from years 4, 5, and 6 are excited to show off their canvases and the work they have completed this year in visual arts class.

After researching and discussing, students have decided to donate the auction money to Trek for Meds Three secondary students, Nabeeha Ahmed, Molly McCann, and Denise Ngulube, have planned an expedition to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer to raise money to buy malaria medication and to distribute the medication to a public hospital for local children in Luanda. 

Bidding instruction: Beginning on the opening night of the auction, you will be able to bid for the canvas(es) of your choice by filling out a piece of paper indicating your bid amount. You will place the paper into a box with the corresponding canvas’s picture on it.

The canvases will continue to be on display from May 23-26 in room 6A, where you will be able to place your bids until Friday, May 26 at 3pm. 

If you are not able to come to see the canvases in person, please see the images of the canvases which will be posted to this blog on Monday, May 22. Should you wish to place a bid, please email me ( your canvas bid amount in Kwanza, your name, and your child’s name by 3pm on Friday, May 26.

The winner of each canvas will be contacted on Monday, May 29 via email with instructions of how to pay and how to collect the canvas.

Upper PYP Silent Art Auction

Please join us in celebrating the opening night of the PYP Silent Art Auction on Monday, May 22 from 6-7:30pm in room 6A (see posted attached). Over the last two and half weeks, each individual class within Years 4, 5 and 6 has been been working to prepare a collaborative piece of artwork. These artworks are based on projects that students have worked on in PYP visual arts class this year. There will be a total of 10 artworks that will be auctioned. 

Students are currently researching and deciding where the money earned from the auction will go. Some of their ideas are: casa das crianças orphanage, fábrica de sabão (, or the halo trust foundation ( 

The canvases will continue to be displayed from May 23-May 26 and we will be sharing how you will be able make your bids on the artwork very soon.

Hope to see you at the opening night!

Visual Arts: Self-Portraits Update

Year 6 students are currently finishing their stand alone unit in visual arts class with the central idea: self-portraits convey a message about who the artist is or who the artists wants to be. They will be assessed on the visual arts learning outcomes: 

Responding (Phase 3.7): recognize that different audiences respond in different ways to artworks

Creating (Phase 4.6): develop an awareness of their personal preferences

Students spent the first few weeks of the unit creating self-portraits using five techniques: using a transparent paper to trace their picture, drawing half of their face and using to copy and reflect the half to make a whole, blind-contour portraits, mirror self-portraits, and wire self-portraits.

Students are currently completing their final portrait and developing an awareness of their personal preferences by choosing their favorite technique(s) and art material(s).

Their self-portrait techniques are currently on display on the first floor of the library!




Present Connect Reflect Session  

On Friday morning, Year 6 hosted the first Present Connect Reflect session. This was an opportunity for parents to check-in with their child, and hear about their progress and learning story so far during exhibition. The sessions also provide an authentic audience to interact with, allowing practice for the final staging days.

It has come to my attention that some of you parents did not receive my email advertising this.  I am looking into the reasons for this.  Please note that we will be opening up our classroom each Friday from 8:10-9:00 for you to pop in and see how the kids are going.  If you are unable to attend at this time, though, you are always welcome to drop in according to your own schedule (just let me know when you are free).

For those who were able to attend, I thank you for making time this morning to spend with your child and support them as part of the exhibition learning process.


PYP Exhibition: Days 8 – 12 of 40

This week students have continued with their exhibition inquiries with the aim of completing, confirming and justifying their individual unit frameworks, developing a research plan and commencing research.

Learners have been consolidating their understanding of the importance of self-management skills, including organisation and time-management. Students have been busy recording prior knowledge and further questions connected to their lines of inquiry. Many have started making contact with experts via email to arrange initial interviews.

To facilitate broad thinking about both primary and secondary sources when planing and undertaking research, we have been using the MISO method: M = Media/Maps; I = Interview; S = Survey; O = Observation. Please chat to your child about the types of sources they plan to utilise during the ‘finding out’ phase of the inquiry model.



Earth Day – Together we can empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defence of the environment.

T0day, LIS celebrated Earth Day.

We explored this central idea:  “Together we can empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defence of the environment.”

We planet trees, skyped with the World Wildlife Fund about endangered species, looked at ways to transform our trash into much needed toys for the needy, found out what it feels like to be a climate refugee, and many many other activities.




PYP Exhibition: Days 1 – 7 of 40

Over the past 7 school days, Year 6 have been in the process of commencing their exhibition inquiry. Learners are already at varied points in their journey and each have different stories to tell and reflect on. As a general overview, students have been:

  • Confirming and refining chosen issues for exploration
  • Developing and sorting questions
  • Identifying key concepts connected to areas of focus
  • Recording prior knowledge
  • Planning for research
  • Attending workshops
  • Planning individual daily and weekly schedules
  • Setting goals
  • Contacting mentors via email to initiate meetings
  • Reviewing and discussing assessment criteria
  • Reflecting on learning

Much of the above has been carried out independently (with guidance), with teachers holding meetings with individual or small groups of students. During the process so far, students have been actively assisting each other and sharing ideas about all aspects of exhibition with each other.

We are lucky to have so many other members of staff willing to be involved in the exhibition process. Many teachers have been running workshops (see bullet point 6 as above), and students have been identifying their own needs and signing up to attend relevant workshops. To date, workshops have included a focus on the following:

  • Thinking tools
  • Primary and Secondary sources
  • Academic honesty – Sourcing/referencing
  • Starting research
  • The Learning Pit & importance of growth mindset
  • Email etiquette
  • Paraphrasing
  • Marketing your exhibition