Student Led Conferences

Thanks to all the parents for showing support and asking questions during the Student Led Conferences.

Parent reflections: 

“I enjoyed to learn that she has made good use of her time and had fun learning. I also liked to hear that she is interested in algebra.”

“I learnt that she is better at maths than her mother.” 

Student reflections:

“Now my parents know that I’m making progress and I want my parents to be proud of me.”

“It was a good opportunity to show what you are really proud of and also it’s better to have the parents experience it themselves instead of just telling them at home.”

“It was a bit of a waste of time, I already tell my parents every day what I learn at school.”

“My parents often have questions but I sometimes can’t answer them, this was a good opportunity to show them the skills I have developed, my process journal in art, my writing in Portuguese and actually show them what we did in music.” 

“Now my parents know that I’m a good inquirer and that I raised my hand up a lot and that I managed my work on time and communicated more than before.” 

“My parents know that I am respectful and kind and that I am a maths thinker.”

“My dad enjoyed to learn how I think and practice things.”

“I liked sharing my knowledge with my parents and show what I’m proud of. I was organized and followed my plan.” 

“They learnt that I am a great inquirer and that I can read and write well and maturely. I told my dad about my skills and my values as a learner.”