Dear LIS Community,

The Jogathon team is pleased to share with you the final donation figures. We, as a community donated a total amount of 486,458.02 KWZ and 274 shoes. Well done, LIS!

Casa das Crianças will utilize these funds to continue meeting the needs of the children from the orphanage and continue providing a better environment.

On behalf of the Jogathon Team, we would like to thank each person who came to participate and support the Jogathon, all the teachers who helped us with lunches, pick ups, drop offs, onsite supervision, and logistics; all the students that helped with the sign-up stations and lap counting; students who helped with the shoe collection, sorting and counting. Thank you to the PTA and Ms Nicole Schmidt for their ongoing support. A special thanks to Miss Hannah H as we now have a Jogathon logo! Thank you all for making of this charity event a successful one.

The Jogathon Team Gaby Jeronimo, Nicole Mashangu and Brad Connor

Visual Arts: Keith Haring

In visual arts class this unit, students are inquiring into the same central idea as in their homeroom class: the arts play a vital role in provoking thought and raising awareness. Students are being assessed on the visual arts learning outcomes: phase 3 (responding) use a personal interest, belief, or value as the starting point to create a piece of artwork.

Students are learning about Keith Haring and his thought provoking artwork artwork that raised awareness about social, political, and environmental issues. Last week, students played the game role a Keith Haring. They learned how to draw like Keith Haring by posing for each other, drawing stick figures using pencil, using marker to outline the figures, and then erasing the inside.



This week, students are sketching about deforestation in the style of Keith Haring. Next week, students will complete an acrylic paint study. They will choose their best sketch, add color using acrylic paint, and outline using permanent marker.