Dear LIS Community,

The Jogathon team is pleased to share with you the final donation figures. We, as a community donated a total amount of 486,458.02 KWZ and 274 shoes. Well done, LIS!

Casa das Crianças will utilize these funds to continue meeting the needs of the children from the orphanage and continue providing a better environment.

On behalf of the Jogathon Team, we would like to thank each person who came to participate and support the Jogathon, all the teachers who helped us with lunches, pick ups, drop offs, onsite supervision, and logistics; all the students that helped with the sign-up stations and lap counting; students who helped with the shoe collection, sorting and counting. Thank you to the PTA and Ms Nicole Schmidt for their ongoing support. A special thanks to Miss Hannah H as we now have a Jogathon logo! Thank you all for making of this charity event a successful one.

The Jogathon Team Gaby Jeronimo, Nicole Mashangu and Brad Connor

Finding out

This week we have started using the research process to find out what the different components of the earth are, what their function is and how they are connected. Many thanks to Mr. Adil, Mr. Bobby, Mr. Antonio, Mr. Hernan and the year 13 students for the informative and engaging presentations about rock formation, the structures of the earth, earthquakes, oceans and plate tectonics.

We are unpacking the features of explanation texts and using this understanding to write our own about the components of the earth. We are reading nonfiction texts to research how the earth is changing and the impact that this has on people’s lives.

Ways to help at home:

  • Over the October break look for evidence of change in the environments you visit.
  • Take photos and be ready to share your thinking on your return to school.
  • Talk to your child about the components of the earth and how they are continuing to change.

Talk about what communities and governments are doing to respond to changes in the earth. (earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions). For example this video and others like it.

Tuning in and formulating questions

This week all of us participated in a whole school, community building day. Teams were made of students from Year 1 to Year 11 and we played a range of cooperative and challenging games.

Some reflections from Year 5 include:

“We loved the activities, they were a lot of fun.”

“It was great to meet and play with the older kids.”

“It was good community building.”

“We liked using teamwork!”

In maths we continue to develop our understanding of place value through a range of inquiries including: ordering and comparing decimals, exploring the different combinations of 100s, 10s and 1s that can make numbers and wondering about and creating different number systems.

We have recorded our current knowledge of the earth and its atmosphere and have shared this with each other. We are using the key concepts change, causation and connection to formulate questions to inquiry into.

Going further

This week we have been applying our understanding of how to raise awareness by making thought provoking artworks. We created 4 draft ideas before receiving feedback and choosing the most thought provoking idea to focus on for our assessment. We have also been developing our writing skills by revising, editing and giving feedback on our narrative about deforestation.
We have been learning how to solve open ended maths challenges and have been focussing on articulating our reasons for using a particular strategy. For example, using manipulatives and drawing out the problem. We have also started exploring the concept of VALUE in maths.

How to help at home:
Look for examples of numbers at home that have value. Parents can guide with questions like: What is the value of the number? What does the value represent? (shoe size, oven, freezer, dashboard, scales)
Ask your child to talk you through the learning process guided by the images below. Ask your child to reflect on their chosen art medium and the process of creating their art piece/performance.
Help extend your child’s inquiry by finding out more about their chosen art form and about other artists.

Athletics Day 10:10 – Thursday the 21st of September
Peace Parade 14:00 – Friday the 22nd of September




Sorting out

This week we are analysing facts, categorizing facts, identifying concepts and finding relationships between concepts to create generalisations or conclusions. The slideshow below shows images of how the we recorded our thinking. We also deepened our understanding of the related concepts value and communication by creating thought provoking freeze frames. In order to provoke thought and raise awareness about deforestation, we are in the process of choosing our art medium for exhibition, writing narratives about deforestation and creating artworks in the style of Keith Haring.

We are continuing to develop our problem solving skills and growth mindset through a range of mathematical challenges.

How to help at home:

  • Ask your child to talk you through the learning process guided by the images below.
  • Visit the youcubed website and try some of these activities together.
  • Here are some suggestions on how to help with reading at home. Reading advice for parents-pogtc6


Click here to see Sayuri’s video from Spotlight lunch.

Click here to see Kyra’s video from Spotlight Lunch.

Finding out

This week we focused on the skill of investigating; choosing inquiry topics, developing questions and planning how we’re going to investigate. We further developed our observation skills and practiced interpreting art work both in the classroom and at the Luanda Art Space. We focused on the concept of perspective by looking at various interpretations of different artworks. We are learning how to develop criteria to assess an artwork that provokes thought and raise awareness.

Week of Inspirational Maths. Students in year 5 have been applying their maths skills while problem solving in collaborative group work. If you want to help your child become a better mathematician, please click here to see how you can help at home. See attached PDF of parent handout. iMaths Handout

Language. In language we are writing narratives and have revisited the writing process. We are currently in the drafting stage of the writing process where we are focussing on getting our initial ideas onto paper and following our plan.

How parents can help at home:

  • Discuss ideas on how artists use the arts to raise awareness on particular issues. You may read books/articles, watch videos and talk to real artists. A sample video to start discussions:
  • Read stories and talk about the issues behind it. Help your child make connections to these issues.


  • September 5: Back to School Night
  • September 9: Jogathon



Hello and a warm welcome to 5.1!

My name is Mags Faber and I will be teaching the fabulous learners in 5.1 this year. I am from the Netherlands and this is my sixth year at LIS. Before coming to Luanda I lived and taught in Mongolia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. When I’m not at school I like mountain biking, running and reading. 

We’re incredibly lucky to welcome Ms. Charity as our Year 5 teaching assistant. She has moved from the music department to support our learning, which is sad for Ms. Betsy, but great for us!

This year we will use our blog as the main source of communication with families so please be sure to sign up to receive updates as and when items are posted. We will also add regular posts from the classroom to Twitter – follow:  #LISlearning. We are excited to collaborate with you this year and if you have any areas of expertise and could come into school to help deepen the students’ understanding, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Our first unit will be under the transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves, further details will follow in a future post.

Below you will find the 5.1 timetable for the year. Please be sure to support your child in being independent and prepared for school. Please note Year 5 will not have swimming just yet, instead they will have PE lessons. Swimming will be blocked for all PE lessons from weeks 18-22, and 29-30. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We are looking forward to getting to know you all this year and beginning our learning journey.

Working together,

Mags Faber