Visual Arts: Music and Kandinsky

In visual arts class, year 4 students have started working within the same unit as their homeroom classes with the central idea: music extends our ability to create, reflect and express ourselves. 

Students will be assessed with the visual arts learning outcome responding (phase 3): identify and consider the contexts in which artworks were made

Year 4 students are finding connections between music and visual arts. They are learning about about the artist Wassily Kandinsky and about his importance in the abstract art movement. Kandinsky had a special ability known as synesthesia where he could see sounds and hear colors. Therefore, he listened to classical music and let the sounds inspire his artwork. Below is one of his artworks titled Composition IV, which was painted in 1911.


Students will be listening to classical music clips and creating abstract art by drawing lines, shapes, and designs. They will add colors, using oil pastels, based on the sounds they are hearing. Below are some pictures of students experimenting in their process portfolios by listening to music and drawing what they hear.