Visual Arts HWOO

In visual arts, Y4 students are currently connecting to the How We Organize Ourselves unit with the central idea: digital communication changes the way in which people access information and connect to each other.

Students are focusing on two learning outcomes: 

Responding (Phase 3): Recognize that different audiences respond in different ways to artworks

Responding (Phase 2): Identify the formal art elements of an artwork

Students are learning about digital photography, the elements of art, and digital communication. Y4 is developing an Instagram account. This account, which will only be accessible to their teachers and I, is helping them to understand our responsibility in virtual environments. Each Y4 class created Instagram Agreements to ensure that they were keeping themselves, others, and our location safe.

After researching the elements of art, students used frames as cameras to take pretend pictures. Students have also practiced writing captions for photographs including emojis and #hashtags. They are currently using iPads to take pictures using the elements of art in interesting compositions. Students will eventually edit these pictures, add captions, and I will be posting them to our Y4 Instagram account.

Throughout the rest of this year, teachers and I will show Y4 students their Instagram so they will be able to see likes and comments on their photographs. This account will be regularly and thoroughly monitored to ensure that students are exposed to appropriate information.

img_8848 img_8870 img_8862 img_8886