Shapes in 4.4

Our students brought home letters this past week explaining how they are taking action to help provide food to a local orphanage. Students will do chores at home and the money they make will be contributed to the budget used for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables for the children at the orphanage.  Our students also decided to collect the following dried food items to donate to the orphanage (rice, beans, milk powder, oil and flour).  Thank you for supporting the children in their action. 

In class this past week we have been learning about shapes.  Students worked in small groups, asking questions and researching these related topics –  polygons-regular and irregular shapes, triangles and quadrilaterals, lines and angles, 2 D shapes and 3D shapes. 

Next, they prepared a lesson, created and used various resources  and practiced a presentation to show their understanding of their topic.  Then the students taught the rest of the class what they had learnt in their small research groups.

Here are some of their reflections…

“I learned that there are different types of triangles, an equilateral, an isosceles, a right angle triangle, a scalene triangle, an acute triangle and an obtuse triangle.”

“I learned the names of the quadrilateral shapes, also that ‘quadri’ means 4 in the Greek language.”

“It was hard to find an obtuse and reflex angle in the class but some of us managed to find them. Angles, lines and shapes can be found everywhere.”

“I learned about parallel and perpendicular lines.”

“The games and the quiz questions were good for us to show what we learned.”

“Sometimes it was hard to agree what to do and we had to decide on just one or two things for the activity.”

“If you don’t use your team’s plan then you can have quite a few problems.”

“You have to work together and everybody has to have a job.”


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