A sensory poem is like an emotion poem but instead of an emotion you choose an object or animal. For instance I chose bed and we wrote about bed using the 5 senses.
Here I wrote about dogs 🐶 it goes like this.

Dogs 🐶
Dogs are hot chocolate brown.🐶🔥🍫
They taste like apple pie.🍎🍮
They smell like strawberry cake.🍓🎂
They look like fluffy bunny ears.🐰
They sound like wolves howling at night.🐺🌕
They feel like a soft pillow.🖱💭


Place value

Here is an example of me learning about place value. I learned that 250 is equal to 25 tens and 0 ones.  I showed this using place value blocks and a hundreds, tens and ones chart.


Horses 🐴


Horses are snow white ❄️⚪️
They taste like crunchy apples 🍎
They smell like rose perfume 🌹 🎵
They look like dancing clouds ☁️ 🎵
They sound like artists singing 🎤🎶
They feel like soft toys ⛄️

Horses 🐴




Happiness looks like pie yellow.

Happiness feels like light sponge.

Happiness tastes like sweet buttery pop-corn.

Happiness smells like fresh donuts 🍩.

Happiness sounds like fluttering twitter birds 🐦 .






Dogs are chocolate brown.
They taste like barbecue pizza.
They smell like cookies that just came out of the oven.
They look like fluffy bunnys.
They sound like wolves howling at night.
They feel like soft toys.





Tired is white

It tastes like warm milk

It smells like cake

It looks like sheep jumping a fence

It sounds like a quiet room

It feels calm



Number Square puzzle

I chose this piece of work to share.  It is a puzzle that I had to solve in math today because it shows that I can order numbers and complete number patterns.  First we looked at the hundreds chart and we had to think about what we noticed and then talk in our groups about it.  Then the whole class shared their ideas and we made a class chart.

Number square puzzle

Here is an example of me learning about numbers using the hundreds board.
I learnt that you can use the board for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
I also learnt that there are many patterns in the hundreds board.  We looked at how the patterns are organized and grouped together.  We noticed how they can be read forwards, backwards and diagonally.
This is the puzzle I did once we finished sharing ideas about the hundreds board.


Hundred board

This piece of work shows that I am working with the hundreds board. I learned that you can use it to add, subtract, multiply and divide. I noticed there are many patterns and we also looked at how the numbers are organized and can be grouped together.


💯 puzzle

20171012-113817.jpg Here is an example of me learning about the 💯 board chart.  We had to notice how the numbers were organized and what patterns could be seen in the chart.  Then after we shared all our ideas we had to do a puzzle about numbers.
The puzzle was fun because l had to think 💭