The Final Weeks of Year 4

Appreciation, gratitude and celebration have been a focus of our final weeks of school in our year 4 classes.

We started with students, teachers and many parents enjoying a delicious feast of snacks generously prepared by our parents to celebrate the end of our school year.

We attended the Year 6 Exhibition presentations.  Our year 4 students were an engaging audience listening attentively, asking relevant questions and offering feedback to confident and knowledgeable year 6 presenters.  Many students came away from the exhibition making connections to inquiry, discussing the issues and the actions taken by the year 6 students (with some also thinking aloud  about what they will do for their Year 6 Exhibition).

We also made Math games, students worked in small groups and used their math knowledge and skills to create games.  The focus was on players having to use math strategies and concepts while playing their games.  Students also integrated language by writing instructions for their games using the procedural framework that they had learned earlier in the semester.  After trialing and fine-tuning our games we had a game exchange with other classes and had more fun applying our math skills.

In our Sharing the Planet unit we worked on our summative assessments.  Our students made connections between food security and/or food insecurity and the concepts of availability, accessibility, utilization and stability.  Students chose a way of making their knowledge visible and presented their learning in a variety of ways including posters, iMovies and presentations.

Year 4 also celebrated the outcome of our own recent ACTION.  Many students did chores at home in exchange for money and/or food, which we then donated to a local orphanage.  The food and money were handed over to Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Andrea to organize the delivery of the food to the orphanage.  The action taken by our children is a win-win situation.  Through their own work and effort they were able to make connections and gained a sense of their own possibilities in providing for the well-being of others in our local community. 

We appreciate and celebrate all of your support and care in contributing to making this a successful year for our students, teachers and families.   

We wish you all safe and happy holidays.

See some pictures from the final weeks below.


PYP Silent Art Auction | Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening night of the PYP Silent Art Auction, to those who were able to go to the auction last week, and to those who saw the artwork on the blogs. 

The silent auction raised 426,000 Kwanza for Trek for Meds: Their goal was to raise 500,000 Kwanza. With the money from the auction, Trek for Meds has already raised over 1,000,000 Kwanza!

Expert Mathematicians!

In Year 4 we are learning about shapes.  Students worked in small groups, asking questions and researching these related topics – regular/irregular shapes,  triangles, quadrilaterals and 3D shapes.  The aim was for them to become an expert in their chosen topic and to teach the rest of the class what they had learnt. Next they prepared a lesson using various resources  and practiced a presentation to show their understanding of their topic.  Then the students taught the rest of the class what they had learnt in their small research groups. Please see some images below.


Pajama Day this Friday, May 26!

Dear families, 

On Friday, May 26, the PYP Student Council has organized a Pajama Day. Students from Prep 3-Year 6 are invited to come to school wearing their pajamas. Please ensure your child is wearing safe and school appropriate clothing and shoes.  

Student council members created a promotional video:

Thank you,

PYP Student Council and Ms. H (

Queridas famílias,

 Na sexta-feira, 26 de maio, o Conselho Estudantil do PYP organizou um Dia do Pajama. Os alunos dos anos 1-6 são convidados a vir para a escola vestindo seus pijamas. Por favor, certifique-se de que seu filho esteja usando roupas e sapatos seguros e escolares.

 Os membros do conselho estudantil criaram um vídeo promocional que foi mostrado às classes Y1-6:


 Conselho Estudantil do PYP e Sra. H ( )

PYP Silent Art Auction | Canvas Images

Bidding Instructions

Please email me ( with the name and class of the canvas you are bidding for, your bid amount in KWZ, your name, your child’s name, and your telephone number

-You can bid on as many canvases as you want.

-The auction closes at 3pm on Friday, May 26.

-The highest bid for each canvas will be the winners (only the highest bidder pays)

-The winners of each canvas will be notified on Monday, May 29 via email.

-The money raised will go to Trek for Meds: 

Please note: Due to unavailability of canvas materials in Luanda, the cost of each shipped canvas was 12,000-14,000 KWZ.

Here is a video of students creating their canvases:

Year 4 students are taking Action!

There are 5 essential elements in the Primary Years Programme, Action, Skills, Attitudes, Concepts and Knowledge. Students learn and connect these elements through the different units of inquiry.

Year 4 students are currently thinking about the action they will take as part of our current unit, Sharing the Planet. The students have learnt a lot about food security and what it means. They are showing great empathy and thinking about what they can do to help those who are less fortunate. Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Andrea came to talk to us about the children in a local orphanage. We were saddened to hear of the poor conditions they live in and especially the lack of good, nutritious food they get. The children at the orphanage are food insecure. They do not get the right nutrients to stay healthy and do not always have enough money to buy fruit and vegetables.

As a result, the students have decided they would like to donate some of their pocket money to the orphanage to help buy fruits and vegetables. You should expect a letter from your child this week asking you to give them some money for the orphanage in exchange for doing chores or jobs around the house. Please make sure they do these jobs!! See the image below to give more ideas of what they could do around the house.

Many thanks for your support of your child’s action.

Students will also be collecting the following dried food items to donate to the orphanage- rice, beans, milk powder, oil and flour.  More details to follow.

Bidding Instructions | PYP Silent Art Auction

Monday, May 22, is the opening night of the PYP Silent Art Auction from 6-7:30pm in primary room 6A (see poster attached). Students from years 4, 5, and 6 are excited to show off their canvases and the work they have completed this year in visual arts class.

After researching and discussing, students have decided to donate the auction money to Trek for Meds Three secondary students, Nabeeha Ahmed, Molly McCann, and Denise Ngulube, have planned an expedition to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer to raise money to buy malaria medication and to distribute the medication to a public hospital for local children in Luanda. 

Bidding instruction: Beginning on the opening night of the auction, you will be able to bid for the canvas(es) of your choice by filling out a piece of paper indicating your bid amount. You will place the paper into a box with the corresponding canvas’s picture on it.

The canvases will continue to be on display from May 23-26 in room 6A, where you will be able to place your bids until Friday, May 26 at 3pm. 

If you are not able to come to see the canvases in person, please see the images of the canvases which will be posted to this blog on Monday, May 22. Should you wish to place a bid, please email me ( your canvas bid amount in Kwanza, your name, and your child’s name by 3pm on Friday, May 26.

The winner of each canvas will be contacted on Monday, May 29 via email with instructions of how to pay and how to collect the canvas.

A weekly review

This has been another busy week in year 4 with students constructing meaning of shape, starting to sort out their inquiries into food security and working on burning questions.


Students completed their procedural writing and we have since spent the week using the writing process to work on “free writing”. Some students chose to write stories, poems or new procedures. Another part of our language lessons included working on the correct spelling of some homophones and considering ways we could improve our sentences. Some of the ways were; add a more interesting adjective, ad an adverb, change the sentence opener, add more details using senses. See some examples of our improved sentences below.

Original Sentence: The dog crossed the road

Lucy- Swiftly, the caramel Pomeranian travelled across the road filled with cars, buses and tuk tuks.

Mateo- Quickly, the small puppy ran across the road.

Original sentence: The man got a drink

Andrea- The very tired basketballer grabbed a cold, fizzy Sprite.

Yash- It was a hot day in Thailand and in the scorching sunlight, a man was walking with an icy Sprite snow cone in his hands.

In maths the students have been constructing their understanding of shape. 4.3 started inquiring into types of triangles with a brief interlude for a look at angles. We discovered that angles were a measure of turn and we identified right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles and straight angles around the school campus. We have taken photos of these different angles and will be creating a maths book about them in book creator later this week. Students have also been constructing their knowledge of chance and probability.  We looked a statements of situations that could “possible” or “probable” and used the mathematical language of Impossible, Unlikely, Even Chance, Likely and Certain to describe the chances of these situations occurring.

Unit of Inquiry

In our UoI we had a guest speaker, Ms Jasmine, towards the end of last week where she discussed how a group of people are trying to ensure that the orphanage they support can become more sustainable and have regular access to fresh fruit and vegetables. Students had discussions and came up with some possible solutions.

We continued working on burning questions and this has led to new questions about how we access food, how we utilize food, how we ensure our food resources are stable and how much food is available in a certain country or area. We will continue our research next week and begin thinking about how we can show our learning across the unit.

Upper PYP Silent Art Auction

Please join us in celebrating the opening night of the PYP Silent Art Auction on Monday, May 22 from 6-7:30pm in room 6A (see posted attached). Over the last two and half weeks, each individual class within Years 4, 5 and 6 has been been working to prepare a collaborative piece of artwork. These artworks are based on projects that students have worked on in PYP visual arts class this year. There will be a total of 10 artworks that will be auctioned. 

 Students are currently researching and deciding where the money earned from the auction will go. Some of their ideas are: casa das crianças orphanage, fábrica de sabão (, or the halo trust foundation (

 The canvases will continue to be displayed from May 23-May 26 and we will be sharing how you will be able make your bids on the artwork very soon.

 Hope to see you at the opening night!

Year 4 Assembly Walkthrough

Thank you to all the parents, carers and students who visited the Year 4 assembly on Wednesday 10th May. The students were excited to share their choices of learning and had worked hard preparing and practicing this week. See below for some reflections and photos from the day.

Hana: My favourite part was when I got to say how it [Talk it Solve it] helps with fractions because we told them what we had learned about fractions.

Caitlynn: I could have improved by speaking louder.

Andrea: I wasn’t confident the first time. Then I got more confident!

Job: I liked that people were listening and well behaved.

Rafael: My favourite part was when we were explaining the cause and effect.

Lara: What worked well was we spoke clearly and they had good questions and we could answer them.

Anna: What worked well was people enjoyed playing the Talk it Solve it.

Maryam: What worked well was our organisation and our presentation.