The little boy who didn’t want to lisin to his mom Realistic fiction

A boy lived with his mom one day
his mom told him to tack some books
back to the library but he didn’t want to
So his mother said if you don’t I will
lock you in your room but he still didn’t
want to so his mom said no food
for you the boy got really hugely .
So the boy decided to sneak
Out he made a rope
he went and buy
and his mom came
to check on him
he hid the food his mom
said so are you going to tack the books
Back he said yes and so he did.

Realistic fiction My ball is stuck on the roof

Hello my name is Mitch. I went to the basketball court with Jack and Ana.
I played against Ana and I scored but when I scored I fell and banged my head on the floor.
10 minutes later I stood up but a bully called George pushed me down to the floor. The bully saw my ball
and he threw my ball to roof and ran away I stood up and saw a ladder I got up on the roof and I saw my basketball
I went down with my ball.
I went to tell the teacher what the bully did to me
The teacher went to tell to the principal what the bully did to me.
The principal went to to the bully class and he tolled the teacher what the bully did to me.
The teacher said to the bully to come and he came and the teacher said you are in time out for 30 minutes.
then the principal came back and he said now you don’t need to worry about the bully Mitch said okay mr.princpal now you can go to your class room Mitch.

My fun and good weekend-Adriana

On Saturday morning my mom,dad,Lucas and I had no gasoline on the car so we walked to the park so I asked my dad to give me a time and a route so I had to run the route in that time.half an hour later we went to another park and ate ice cream ?.then we went home ?.

The next day was Sunday so my dad woke up early to put gasoline in the car.once the car had
gasoline we went to talatona to go shopping ? and after lunch ? we went to the fun park and climbed the volcano ? .

Best week ever-Alessandro

On the week I went to sports camp in my car with my diver. I went have fun with my friends and to stay heathy then we walked to the big gym and we played football with my and hand ball then we played the pop corn machine and basketball and we had a lot of fun ever body.Next we went to eat Lunch we ate chips with stake and rice.