Place Value

In Math, Year 4  have started a unit on place value.

An understanding of place value helps develop good number sense.

We are exploring this through:
• Modelling numbers using the base 10 value system (Key concept – form)

• Reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers (Key concept – function and connection)

• The use of place value in everyday life (Key concept – connection)

Maths-Brains grow and change!

In Maths this week, children in Year 4 came together on a collaborative mission. Their goal was to create 2-D geometrical shapes by cutting them out of a folded piece of paper with just one cut. It began with an inspiring video, Brains Grow and Change, that voiced the message that that there is no such thing as a math brain or a math person! Any-one can learn any level of math with hard work and effort!

 This was an individual task but students had to work together and share ideas and strategies as well as celebrate their mistakes. The children began by drawing a scalene triangle in the centre of the paper and made multiple folds before trying to cut it out with just one straight cut. They explored the task, and made lots of conjectures. There was a lot of frustration and emotions of wanting to give up but they were continually encouraged to keep exploring. With no luck of finding that one cut, this lesson was revisited during the course of the week with different shapes and a lot more success was achieved.


Maths in Year 4

Over the next few weeks students will be watching videos and practicing  a range of  problem solving strategies  which are geared towards building a growth mindset in Maths as well as and laying the mathematical foundation for the rest of the year.

Here are some photos of Year 4  students collaborating  on THIS problem.

All of the Year 4 teachers completed an online course ‘How to learn math’ from Stanford University. Some of you may know a little about Jo Boaler, who is a maths professor at Stanford and has completed many research projects on how students learn best. Please follow  THIS LINK  to see a handout from Jo Boaler about the best ways to support your child with maths at home. As a school we are working hard to ensure your children receive the best possible maths learning.  Furthermore students are being registered with again.  User names and passwords will be distributed to students when the registration is completed.

Some of our thoughts about Maths…