How The World Works

This week year 4 students began inquiring into our third unit for the year.   You will find the learning outcomes for this unit here: HOW THE WORLD WORKS

As a provocation to spark wonderings and curiosity amongst the students, we watched the video below:

Here are some of our introduction and tuning-in learning engagements for this unit

Students will develop their knowledge and understandings of scientific principles through exploring simple machines and how they make work easier. We have planned in collaboration with Ms. Hannah, in Art, to ensure the students develop an understanding of the Design cycle which they will use when they create and innovate.

Next week we will start a stand-alone unit on realistic fiction.  Our next blog post will explain more about this.  For this unit we will consolidate students’ understanding of the explanation text type. However, this week, we concluded our poetry unit by making our inquiries into the Kennings poem. Students collaborated as a year group and then they made their own Kennings which they posted on the Student class blog which you will see here.

In mathematics, all year 4 classes have been introduced to the split strategy and tidy numbers for addition.  Building on their understanding of place value, students are making connections on how to use these strategies to solve addition problems. Some children posted the split strategy and explained their process as you will see in their student class blogs.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Year 4.


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