Researching into body systems and more maths challenges.

During the last few  weeks students have been developing their thinking and research skills.

Thinking skills  (acquisition of knowledge and comprehension): 

Students viewed a few videos on the digestive system. 

In small groups they discussed the parts/organs of the digestive system and how they all work together to digest a meal.  Then they drew and labelled their thinking.

In pairs students read an example of an explanatory text – How does the digestive system work?

Next, they highlighted words that needed further explanation – we used library books and dictionaries to clarify the meaning of those words,

Then as a whole class we analyzed the features and language of the text and together we came up with  a checklist for explanation writing (there will be more about writing to explain in a future post).


In Mathematics, we came together as a year group to work on another inspirational maths challenge that got the children thinking, wondering, asking questions, getting frustrated, and celebrating when they achieved success as a team.

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