Cinquain poem – Niamh

We are learning how to write a cinquain poem.

This is my cinquain poem.

Messy, slimy
Stretching, playing, addicting
Looks like snot (green)


In a cinquain poem there has to be five lines .
In the first line there is  one word  the topic that you want to write about).
The second line  has to be 2 words that describe your topic.
The third line you have 3 verbs that end with “ing.”
On the fourth line there has to be a short sentence with 4-5 words.
And on the last line there has to be a word that is connected to your topic (the first line).

Holiday share-Niamh

This work shows me practicing a visible thinking routine called “color, symbol, image”.


That photo up there shows my thinking ? .

I think I had a holiday that was a mix of colors. I chose brown because I played with a dog ? at my friends house ? and I just think that brown represents dogs ?. I chose yellow because I stayed at a beach ? with my friend the yellow represents the sand on the beach and the happiness I felt. I  chose blue to represent the blue skies .

I chose that ⭐️ because all of the colors represent all of the different places I have been to in the holidays (my friends house ? the beach ? my house)

I chose that image because me and my friend played together at the beach a lot.

Niamh’s Me Poem


I am as ENERGETIC as a dog chasing it’s tail ?

I am as CRAZY as a sugar rush ??????????

I am as HAPPY as a puppy ?

I am as KIND as a rabbit ?

I am as SILLY as a monkey swinging on a tree ?


This is a photo of my plan and my draft.


Place Value – Niamh

Here is an example of me learning about place value.

Here is a picture of how we proved that there are 45 hundreds in 45,000.

We used unifix cubes  – 1 unifix cube represented 100.  We counted out 45 unifix cubes.  45 groups of 100 are equal to 4 500.


Niamh’s Joy Poem


Joy is yellow

It tastes like a sweet sprinkled cupcake in your mouth.

It smells like a cake fresh out of the oven.

It looks like someone opening a box full of rainbow colored puppies.

It sounds like dogs barking, pigs oinking and children laughing