Cinquain poem – Niamh

We are learning how to write a cinquain poem.

This is my cinquain poem.

Messy, slimy
Stretching, playing, addicting
Looks like snot (green)


In a cinquain poem there has to be five lines .
In the first line there is  one word  the topic that you want to write about).
The second line  has to be 2 words that describe your topic.
The third line you have 3 verbs that end with “ing.”
On the fourth line there has to be a short sentence with 4-5 words.
And on the last line there has to be a word that is connected to your topic (the first line).

2 thoughts on “Cinquain poem – Niamh

  1. Wow Niamh, you did a great job on writing a cinquain poem and I like how you explained how to write it. Now I know how to write a cinquain poem. I loved your topic it was really funny ? . I liked how you put slimey because your topic is slime. How did you come up with your topic? Your friend,

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