How We Organise Ourselves

Happy new year and welcome back!

This week year 4 students began inquiring into our fourth unit for the year.  You will find the learning outcomes for this unit here: HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES.

We are working on finding definitions and examples of some key vocabulary – organization, service, impact, cooperation, respect and responsibility.  We have also invited guest speakers to talk  to the classes about the organizations that they work with to tune students in to the unit.

For Math, within the unit, we will revisit data handling – more specifically writing survey questions.  In the standalone unit, we are introducing the concept of multiplication and its inverse operation of division.  Later we will  move on to various strategies to understand and solve multiplication and division problems.

For language within this unit, we will learn about persuasive writing – students will look at exemplars of this text type and analyze the language features and the structure of persuasive writing and write their own pieces.  More about this in a later blog post.



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