Who We Are – wrapping up the unit

During the past 6 weeks year 4 have been inquiring into the transdisciplinary theme of Who We Arelearning about how our body systems work together to keep us healthy.

This week we finished our unit by first unpacking our summative assessment task.  All expert research teams used a checklist to guide them in presenting their learning and understanding of a chosen body system.                                                                                                      

Expert teams collaborated to ensure their presentations:                                                          

1.) Identified the parts/organs of their chosen body system (what it looks like).                        

2.) Explained the function of the system (how it works).                                                      

3.) Described how the system is connected to other body systems 

4.) Detailed the responsibilities we can take to keep the system healthy.                                                                                                         

Students  listed the sources used by the team to inform their learning and understanding e.g.  Bill Nye and Magic school bus video clips, non-fiction texts, guest-speakers and websites (BrainPop junior).

Teams were encouraged to work cooperatively and commit to having a balanced approach to sharing and completing their tasks.  Expectations were for teams to be caring and principled in their support of each other throughout their work processes and thoughtful in their feedback to each other and reflections of their own work.

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