Olympics Day Next Week!

Olympics Day is approaching!! Please find attached some information that you will find useful about the day.

Date: Tuesday, 3rd October.

Time: 8am – 11:45pm.

The Event: A morning spent playing team building games across campus with students from year 1 to year 11 to build relationships and develop our community.

The theme for this event was chosen by secondary students and we will all be super heroes for the day! Students are invited to dress up as super heroes if they wish to do so but it isn’t mandatory. Most importantly children are asked to wear clothes comfortable and functional for athletics.

Below please find the team colors for this exciting event.  Watch out for more information coming soon!


Name Team Color Super Heroe
Diana green Batman
Justo green Green Lantern
Zoe green Black Widow
Aryan green Green Lantern
Liam green Batman
Ivan green Batman
Callie yellow Quicksilver
Zandre yellow Raven
Miranda red Vibe
Yasser red Jean Gray
Vladimir red Jean Gray
Brian red Cyclops
Joana blue Super Girl
Siobhan blue Beast
Lucrecio blue Mystique
Eduardo blue Mystique
Deepuja blue Super Girl
Ayaan blue Beast



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