Chinese Table Game – P.E.

”Learning Engagements:  The Chinese table is a gymnastic / acrobatic figure formed by 4 people. Each person sits in a stool and leans their trunk over next person knees. After they form a square/table the leader takes the seats away and the table must keeps stable.   
Groups practice the    “Chinese Table” – by themselves Each students will represent the domains: Mental, physical, personal, spiritual and social.’’

YOUR NAME workout

This week we have been exploring how we can make balanced food choices and choices about how we use our free time.  We had fun using the Your Name fitness chart below to have some fun exercise that didn’t need any equipment.


Your learners set a challenge for you.  To spell YOUR name and take on the fitness challenge. Don’t panic if you have M in your name, we changed somersaults to roly polys.

Learners would love to take a photo of you using your free time for fitness and send it to me at school.  Thanks for accepting the challenge!


Many Colored Days

We read the Dr. Suess book My Many Colored Days this week.  We talked about how colors can represent our feelings, how it is important to talk about how we feel and what we can do when our feelings get out of control!  We are thinking about how our mental health is part of what makes us healthy.  We made a display that shows how we all have unique connections to colors – just like Dr. Suess.