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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your positive feedback and questions concerning Seesaw. Please be advised that this will be the last post on this blog and all future correspondence will be through Seesaw or email with your child’s teacher.

This blog will remain active for your reference until the end of the year.

Thank you and hope you all have a lovely holiday.

The Year 3 Team


We used the thinking strategy “I see, I think, I wonder” to look at signs from around the world.

We noticed they had a lot of things in common – colours, shapes and lines.  Then we had a go creating our own signs.  We realized that graphic designers are artists who use very carefully selected images and words to tell a BIG message (and that this isn’t easy!)

Review Writing


In our latest inquiry into writing, writers will write about something they have experiences in and are passionate about (or are not passionate about). They will share their opinion- whether it is positive or negative and will use evidence (their own experience and the opinions of others) to support their opinion.

This unit allows writers to feel that their opinions are valued and have an audience. We will be looking at a variety of ways we can publish our reviews for a wider audience – more information to come soon! – we are very excited about finding  authentic audiences!

We have been immersing ourselves as writers in reviews – of toys, of games, of books, of hotels. And we have been exploring the purpose of those reviews – how do they work? We have been able to make connections to our own experiences – how is it connected to other things? And we have noticed that sometimes our perspective can be different from others – what are the points of view?

Our eagle-eyed critics are sharpening their pencils ready to make their opinions heard!


Reading to Understand


Our new inquiry into reading sees our focus shift from establishing the habits of readers to knowing that readers read to understand. As adults this may seem obvious, however as we learn and grow as readers it is important that we are shown explicitly how important understanding is to reading.   This inquiry will see readers explore their understanding of what they are reading, how to share that understanding with others, and what to do when we are having problems understanding what we are reading.

Readers will be explain their thinking about what they are reading orally and visibly. They will be asked to support their thinking with evidence. And they will be immersed in a range of strategies that can allow them to think deeply about a text.

It is exciting to think about how this inquiry can really be the foundation stones of how readers read for life. This is big and important work!