Yesterday we were invited to visit the Year 6 exhibition and see the work that Year 6 students have been involved in.

Over the last 8 weeks they have been looking at personal and global issues and taking action based on issues they are passionate about.

Saying Goodbye – Transitioning out of LIS

Mrs Jasmine and Miss Lola organized a transition workshop where students could express their feelings around leaving Angola and moving into a new place. Some students mentioned that they were happy to move in their home country and meeting their extended family. Others mentioned that they will miss Angola and especially their school friends.

Students had to build a mobile with one side representing ” the place you are leaving” and the other side ” the place that you will meet”.

Reagan was very creative and with humor builded a “crazy mosquito” for the place that she will be leaving! She also loved to represent all the diversity of insects and living things in Angola with fluffy materials.

Marcela is moving to the USA and represented high buildings and said ” I am happy because the place where I am moving will have more green parks and places to visit”.

Children were curious about each others experience of moving and exchanged conversations during their creative work.

We all wish them a very pleasant transition and LIS will miss them! We hope that this mobile will help them crossing the bridge between the two different worlds and give them positive memories from the process of leaving.

Jasmine da Silva Obaseki

School counsellor

Student Support Service

Luanda international school

Tel: +244 92337053


This week Mr. Oscar introduced us to the app Hopscotch https://www.gethopscotch.com/

It has opened a whole new dimension to our coding possibilities.  At the moment we are exploring how the language can help us create a game by using commands that we have used successfully with Box Island and Lightbot.  It is exciting to see our young coders excitement as “app creators.”  This app is free for iPhone and iPad.

Pajama Day this Friday, May 26!

Dear families, 

On Friday, May 26, the PYP Student Council has organized a Pajama Day. Students from Prep 3-Year 6 are invited to come to school wearing their pajamas. Please ensure your child is wearing safe and school appropriate clothing and shoes.  

Student council members created a promotional video: https://youtu.be/nmUlUyohlOo. 

Thank you,

PYP Student Council and Ms. H (hhendrickson@lisluanda.com)

Queridas famílias,

 Na sexta-feira, 26 de maio, o Conselho Estudantil do PYP organizou um Dia do Pajama. Os alunos dos anos 1-6 são convidados a vir para a escola vestindo seus pijamas. Por favor, certifique-se de que seu filho esteja usando roupas e sapatos seguros e escolares.

 Os membros do conselho estudantil criaram um vídeo promocional que foi mostrado às classes Y1-6: https://youtu.be/nmUlUyohlOo.


 Conselho Estudantil do PYP e Sra. H (hhendrickson@lisluanda.com )

Building Meaning

While looking at how human made systems are connected, students have been exploring towns and roads.  They have had to make decisions about where community roads and buildings are going, and are working on creating guides to their town.  These guides give you directions on how to get from the zoo to the airport or the coffee shop to the train station.  It’s been lots of fun.


What an amazing experience getting behind the scenes at the grocery store to see the systems in place to get the produce out onto the shelves.  We loved seeing where most people don’t and having such a great opportunity to understand how items end up on our dinner table!

Coding Language

This week we have looked at the words want and need.  We have realized that it is not as easy as we thought to define these words.  We have also looked at communication and how directions are a structured system of communication.  Here are some images of us moving our “box” across the map.

Help for Year 6

Hi, Year 6 has started exhibition and three students are working on pollution. Three students are working together for action and this is what they need you to do.

We would like you to bring plastic grocery bags which will allow us to take action and raise awareness. Please bring them to your homeroom and we will come by twice a week to get them.

Thank you so much,

Sincerely : Jude, Marco, Leandro