A visit by Ms. Jasmine and Mr. Chris

Mr Chris and Mrs Jasmine came to our class last week.

They shared about their different roles at school.
Mr Chris talked about his role as principal, and Mrs jasmine about her role as counselor.
They also did a little role play with puppets around teasing.
Children could experience the different answers that they could give to someone if they are teased. Children also learned that it is a matter of practice, using “I ” statements and being able to say “I don’t like it, please stop”.

At the end Mr Chris and Mrs Jasmine presented two pictures representing different mindsets.
Students were asked  to express differences around the 2 pictures: one with a wall in a brain and one with a “TREE”.
Students said about the wall : “a WALL is fixed…bricks are hard…it is hard to break…there is no door…it makes us feel sad”.
Some students said about the Tree: “it grows, it is soft…it helps us to learn…it has air”.
Children understood that any time they try something new, even if they make mistakes it’s like  choosing the TREE, and with this mindset, they are consciously GROWING inside and their brain is also growing.
They learned that they can apply this in every area of their lives: they can be fixed in believing ” I DONT HAVE FRIENDS, NOBODY wants to play with me” etc…or they can have a growth mindset “saying hello to someone new, introducing themselves to some new student, or even encouraging a friend etc”.
If you want to share more about the growth mindset with your children at home, you can visit those videos:
Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset
or the DOT

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