Week 10 – Oct 23-27

Dear Parents,

Among several skills, scientists have to be able to write procedures and hypothesize (try to guess) what is going to happen to their experiments based on what they already know. So in order to become scientists the students started to write a hypothesis for every experiment performed in the classroom.

Year 2.3 also started to understand units of measurement after they received a visit from a member of our community. Mr. Beto works in the maintenance department and visited us to show the students how he measures objects and what are the units of measurement used often by the school. With their previous knowledge and what they learned from Mr. Beto, students started to estimate and measure length for different objects in the classroom.

In our Unit of Inquiry How The World Works we reached the subjects of force and motion and the students were very excited to try different experiments with motion. Also they identified the main forces (push, pull, gravity) and were trying to explain how these forces are applied in our daily activities.

Still this week, year 2.3 went to visit their buddies from year 5.1 in the library and had a great time working on strategies for reading. Our buddies are amazing teachers and are working very hard to help year 2.3 to become better readers.

Check some pictures of our adventures:

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