Week 9 – Oct 9-13

Dear Parents,

Another week has flown by us and all the LIS community will have the opportunity of spending 1 week with family.

During this week in language 2.3 started learning and engaging in procedural writing, noticing how important writing procedures are for a scientist when creating and performing experiments. Students wrote procedures for “How to brush your teeth” and Mr. Enderson tried them out to check if they really work.

In order to write procedures, students were initiated on experiments. After being introduced to new tools and equipments students went off in groups to create their own experiment. Some really interesting and smelly experiments were created and tested. Also in the same week, Doctor/Scientist Nazneen visited our classroom and challenged the students to create a way of moving a box without touching it.

During mathematics 2.3 began to search for ways of measuring things. They are currently trying to find ways to measure one table and come up with the same number.

Check some of the pictures from this week:

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