Week 7 – Sep 25 – 29


Home reading: We are changing the system of home reading. Now the students will take a book home, stay for 2 days(they read and re-read the same book on the next day), then bring the book back to school in order to have another book to take home. This happens because we have had cases of students forgetting the books, and unfortunately we can’t afford having books missing.

Headphones: We would like to ask for parents to send headphones to the school. These headphones will stay in the student’s cubby and they are responsible for them. They will be used during Ipad activities.

Music lessons: Year 2.3 is having fun during music lessons and Ms. Betsy sent us a nice game that can be played at home and is part of the How We Organize Ourselves unit. Click here.


Dear Parents,

After an unexpected holiday on Tuesday, Year 2.3 had a good week working really hard on different activities to show Ms. Isabel and Mr. Enderson what they learned during the How We Organize Ourselves unit.

UOI: Students worked on a project to help improving LIS community. Really good ideas became real projects with different people of our community involved in different roles and responsibilities within the project. Their hard work is reflected on our Discovery Wall which is now full of thoughts and ideas.

Language: This week we started sending books home in order to have the students building the habit of reading every day at home with family.

Maths: Students worked on pictographs and tally marks during the last 2 weeks and decided to have some displays around the classroom to remind them how to build and use the graphs.

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