Week 5 – Sep 11 – 15

Dear Parents,

This week we started sending books home. I hope you all have had a great time with your child reading at night and using the pencils for sight words. We are still adjusting the books according to every reader, so I would like to keep receiving your feedback about the reading difficulty (easy/hard).

Every single year 2.3 student had a surprise on Monday: they received a letter from their buddies from Year 5.1 and became “Pen Buddies” by exchanging letters weekly. In order for this to happen, the students needed to learn some conventions for letter writing.

In mathematics we had the students working hard with their morning mental maths and discovering the benefits of using graphs to count objects. The students were trying to help Mr. Dylan to count all the toys and structures in the playground.

Also this week in our U.O.I. year 2.3 started interviewing different people that belong to the LIS community and learned about their responsibilities in order to understand the importance of different roles within a community.

Check some pictures of our busy busy week.

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