Week 4 – Sep 4 – 8

Dear Parents,

During this past week students endeavored into recounting and creating stories to be written during language lessons. That was the very next step in order to develop their writing skills that started with only drawing a comic story sequence with titles.

In mathematics, students were challenged to create, in groups of 4, a variety of shapes using only a piece of yarn. They also got to use some of their addition and subtraction skills to solve simple problems.

Our understanding of community is growing and getting more complex looking at different communities, and different roles and responsibilities which make the students wonder which communities they belong to.

Year 2.3 also received a visit from year 5.1 for the first time and the pupils got to know their buddies and interact to them talking about PEACE and what it means to them.

Important info:

  • Jogathon is happening this Saturday. This is an amazing event when the community gets together to help less privileged kids from the Orphanage Casa das Crianças.
  • We kindly remind you to send headphone with your child and explain that they are responsible for their headphones in the school.
  • Please see below the link for the Back to School Presentation where you can find all the information about routines, snacks, sports, ASAs, Home Learning, Reading, etc.

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