Week May 29th – Jun 2nd

Dear Parents,

Language and Mathematics

This week the students were engaged on finishing their LIS Breakfast Rap and read some of the stories they created during ‘Writer’s Workshop’ time.

Some of the students still have unfinished stories. Their Writer’s Workshop books will be sent home and if they want, it could be a fun and creative activity for the summer holidays. Should they choose to finish their stories, encourage your child to explain to you the writing process (Planing, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing).

In mathematics, students were encourage to create their own ‘mental math’ activities and challenge Ms. Isabel and Mr. Enderson to solve them.


Year 2.3 worked really hard throughout the week to finish their passion projects. Students started by choosing a topic that they were interested in and learning as much as possible about the subject in order to create something they would like to expose to prove their learning. After many hours spent, students finished their projects and presented them in a fun and happy atmosphere.

On Thursday, Year 2.3 visited the Year 6 exhibition and had a really good time interacting with the Year 6 displays and discussing global issues.

A big thanks for the parents involved in the Year 2 party last Friday. It was fun!!!

Week May 15th – 19th

Dear parents,


Students are continuously improving their writing, and their stories are becoming more interesting every week. At the moment, year 2.3 have 17 very keen writers, ready to read their stories to the audience. Also during this week the students worked on a project to create a rap song about our breakfast. They dove into dictionaries on a search for rhyming words that not only had the same ending visually, but also ended with similar sound. We hope to finish the whole song before break and be able to post it on our blog.


This week students were challenged to create a maths sentence that would make the teachers take more than 10 seconds to solve. They were very keen to work in something that they were free to create and use all the strategies and knowledge of numbers they acquired during the year. We also kept our ‘mental maths’ morning routine and worked hard to solve some multiplication.


After our third line of inquiry (Similarities and differences between ourselves and others) we finally reached the last line of inquiry, how we learn best.

Students are trying to make connections from their attributes, abilities and interests to what they like to learn and how they learn best. They have also found their favorite environment for learning to happen. They visited other year levels to understand what is similar and what is different for other classes and people when they learn. After the activity, the students came up with some very interesting observations.

Parents, if possible, please talk to your children about how you learn. (Do you make connections with images? Do you try and try until you can do it? Do you only read to learn about something?) Talk about the best environment for you to learn (under a tree? a quiet place? a noisy place? a place with a continuous sound?).

Week May 1st – 5th

Dear Parents,

Language and Mathematics

This week during Mathematics the students had to solve mathematical problems using the strategies that they have been learning throughout the year. They had a fun and easy way to review all the strategies through playing a game on the Ipads. After all the strategies were discussed, the students started explaining the strategies and their thinking through Maths discussions.

In language, students are getting more and more excited with all the punctuation and characteristics they are now able to use to build/create their stories. As usual students shared some of their stories, so that our writers can learn to receive compliments and feedback from their peers (readers).


This week students had the responsibility of choosing the books to be used for the Unit of Inquiry “WHO WE ARE” that talks about our own characteristics. They were helped by their buddies on this difficult task. Year 2.3 also finished their first line of inquiry and just have just begun to talk about and understand their abilities and interests which will be linked to the next part of the unit, focusing on similarities and differences between us.

We also had the Swimming Exposition on Tuesday where our students showed all they have been learning during aquatics lessons. It was a super fun day and year 2.3 showed all their skills in the different games prepared by the P.E. team.

Week April 24th – 28th

Dear Parents,

Language and Mathematics

During this week in language our students started creating more complex characters for their stories. Their understanding of physical and social attributes has a big role in this achievement. Our stories as a class are starting to get more complex, with more punctuation and some of them even have a moral in the end.

In Mathematics we are revisiting activities with place and value in order to make the students aware of their numbers. This is important for them to start stepping into the windy road of subtraction and multiplication. They are also using their knowledge in data handling to collect information about different physical attributes within the classroom.


During this past week, students were discovering how to describe features and point out differences in physical attributes amongst their peers.


We would like to thank Ms. Nadia, Ms. Reena, Ms. Jill and Ms. Myeti for having donated their time and skills to teach our students to create craft items for their own parents. Your hard work was very appreciated and Year 2.3 was very excited with the whole process of creation as well as their final artwork.

On Wednesday Year 2.3 had the pleasure of watching the Assembly organized by Year 1 students.

On Friday Year 2.3 was part of the P.E. Assembly and performed beautifully on sport games and gymnastics. Well done 2.3!


LIS Primary Aquatics Adventure Exposition

This coming week one of our most famous events will take place: the LIS Primary Aquatics Adventure Exposition. It will happen on May 2nd (Tuesday) starting at 10:15am for students from Y1 to Y3. Y2 will be participating from about 11 to 12. Please join us to cheer for our students.

Week April 17th – 21st

Dear Parents,

Language and Mathematics

During the week students were encouraged to focus on their use of punctuation they have been studying in order to write better stories. They understood that caring about your reader makes you a better writer.

With the arrival of the new unit, students started to understand that the graphs and diagrams that they learned to use can also be used to organize data by attributes. This will be our focus for the next week. Also students are working hard on their daily math exercises and they just reached the “times sign”. Lots of good thinking about these problems and how to solve them.


As explained on the post related to our current unit “Who We Are”, students have discussed what they will learn in this unit and started to discover little by little who they really are through understanding and pointing out their physical and emotional attributes.


Earth Day 2017

LIS will celebrate Earth Day on Friday the 22nd. 

The central idea for our Earth Day celebration is:

Together we can empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of the environment.

During the day students will inquire into the central idea to deepen their understanding. Throughout the school there will be guest speakers, skype interviews and workshops. Year 2 will be skyping with Sophie Harrison who works with conservancies in Kenya to learn about poaching and habitat loss.

Twitter: You can keep up to date with our learning engagements during the day by following us on Twitter #LISlearning and  #Earthday2017

Library: Visit the interactive library displays and special Earth Day books. There are some ideas on how take care of the planet and a space for you to sign if you complete the action/s regularly. The TV screens in the library will be showing the photos of our Earth Day contest. 

Clothes: Students are encouraged to wear something in celebration of Earth Day, i.e., natural dyed T-shirts, activism T-shirts, recycled clothing, Mother Nature, dress like an animal or plant etc. 

The Earth Day assembly will be held at 14:10 in the big gym. The key note speaker is Koen Verpaalen from Fabrica de Sabão.

Lunch: To reduce our carbon footprint the cafeteria will only serve vegetarian food on Friday. Students are encouraged to bring sustainable home lunches as well. 

Who We Are

Dear Parents,

This week the Year 2 students will be exploring our new unit of inquiry ‘Who We Are’. During this unit the students will explore:

Central idea: Our personal characteristics, abilities, and interests inform our learning and development.

Lines of Inquiry:

·      Physical, social, and emotional characteristics (form)

·       Personal abilities and interests (form)

·       Similarities and differences between ourselves and others (reflection and connection)

·       How we learn best (reflection and connection)

Key Concepts:

Form: What is it like?

Reflection: How do we know?

Connection: How is it connected to other things?

Related concepts: identity, similarities and differences

Trans disciplinary Skills:

Thinking skill: Metacognition

Self-Management Skill: Organization

Learner Profile Attributes: Thinker, Reflective

Attitudes: Commitment, Tolerance

Math Focus: Data handling – using tally marks, bar graphs, pictographs, Venn diagrams, and Carroll diagrams to collect information.

Language Focus: Descriptive writing, character sketches, comparisons, text to self and text to text connections.

Home learning activities you can do to support your child:

Help your child create a chart or graph, which they can use to record the data. Walk around your neighborhood and tally how many _____ can you find? Play I-Spy and keep a tally chart – how many times did you spy each color?

Encourage your child to explore their interests and passions, as well as offer opportunities for them to try out new activities and experiences. Help them reflect on new experiences by asking questions such as, “How did you feel trying ——?” “What did you learn about yourself?” “What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?” “What skills were you practicing during this activity?”

Week April 10th – 14th

Dear Parents,

This week has gone by super fast for year 2.3. After three continuous days of hard working creating a play and a diorama to explain to their peers some issues our planet is facing, students finally presented their creations to Years 3, 5 and 6 during the assembly on Wednesday. The assembly took place in our own classroom to avoid damaging the dioramas and props, as well as bringing the visitors to our learning place.

In the beginning of the week, years 1 and 2 had the Play Day, which was slightly modified compared to the first one. Instead of a whole day playing, the students played for 2 periods and reflected on what they did and how they felt about having more time to interact with other pupils during free time.

Students got back into a normal routine and their creativity is flourishing, as evident in the new stories carefully written by our little writers.



Week April 3-7

Dear Parents,

PLAY DAY – Periods 3 and 4 on Monday (April 10th)

Once again Years 1 and 2 will have a play day. This time it will happen only during the periods 3 and 4 on Monday.
It is important to remember that the students CANNOT bring in toys that may require batteries or electricity to work. Devices are NOT allowed as well. This day is very important for the interaction between peers and not for them to play on screens.



Some of the students already sent me beautiful pictures for the contest. What are you waiting for? Please check the categories in the e-mail sent by the school.



We are back at full steam again.

After some reminders and getting use to the routine again, the students completed the second stage of their discovery board using what they understood about the concept CHANGE regarding the habitats.

We are now headed to our last key concept, RESPONSIBILITY, which is the most exciting part of our unit. It is when the students understand that they can take action to minimize their impact (human impact) on the environment.

At this part of the unit, the students also took action by trying to “fix” the world they had destroyed on Minecraft in order to bring the balance back to their island.

Week Mar 6th – 10th

Dear Parents,


This past week was a short one. The students practiced persuasive writing. Their first task with this new writing genre was to explain what super power is the best one to have and why.


Year 2.3 is still working on collecting and displaying data using different tools such as bar graphs, Carroll diagrams, Venn diagrams and Tally Marks. In the near future those tools will be used to collect data about different habitats, which is part of our current unit of inquiry focus.

Unit Of Inquiry

After understanding and inquiring into different habitats, students had to compare the habitat’s features and animals explaining and debating about differences and similarities. They have just moved from the key concept FORM, where they had to identify and understand what a habitat is, to the key concept CHANGE, where they will identify and be exposed to the changes that many animals have been experiencing due to human impact on their habitats.

But the last week’s highlights still hasn’t ended. We also had a new Beauty Salon organized by some students who took action on an inquiry into how organizations work. They were very organized to create the business and even got some customers from Year 4 and Year 5 as well as their teacher.

We would also like to thank all the parents who were able to be in the school spending valuable time with their children while they explained what they have learned in school.

Pictures below.