RECIPE FOR READING   SERVES 60 Up to 60 .......... LIS parents and their children (Years 1 to 6 only) 6..........reading areas with expert readers A dash..........of FUN - come dressed in your PJs, pillows and favorite stuffed animals welcome   Combine the above in the LIS Primary Library on Wednesday 4 October 2017 at 6:30pm. Enjoy great books and company for one hour. Entry fee (to be donated to the children of Casa das Crianças): a pack of NEW colored pencils, markers or writing paper per family. Spaces are limited! To attend Family Reading Night, please complete sign-up HERE. QUESTIONS? Contact or pop into the Primary Library ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RECEITA PARA LEITURA   SERVE 60 Até 60..........Pais e alunos da LIS (apenas dos Anos 1 a 6) 6..........áreas de leitura diferentes, com leitores experientes Uma pitada de..........DIVERSÃO - vistam o pijama, tragam uma almofada e o vosso peluche favorito   Misturem todos os ingredientes na Biblioteca da Primária da LIS na Quarta-feira, 4 de Outubro de 2017, às 18:30. Deixem(-se) repousar durante uma hora, na companhia de bons livros. Valor da entrada (a ser doado às crianças da Casa das Crianças): uma caixa nova de lápis de cor, marcadores ou papel de escrita por família. Os lugares são limitados! Para participar na Noite de Leitura em Família, preencha por favor esta ficha de inscrição. Dúvidas? Contacte-nos pelo email, ou apareça na Biblioteca da Primária

Week 5 – Sep 11 – 15

Dear Parents, This week we started sending books home. I hope you all have had a great time with your child reading at night and using the pencils for sight words. We are still adjusting the books according to every reader, so I would like to keep receiving your feedback about the reading difficulty (easy/hard). Every single year 2.3 student had a surprise on Monday: they received a letter from their buddies from Year 5.1 and became "Pen Buddies" by exchanging letters weekly. In order for this to happen, the students needed to learn some conventions for letter writing. In mathematics we had the students working hard with their morning mental maths and discovering the benefits of using graphs to count objects. The students were trying to help Mr. Dylan to count all the toys and structures in the playground. Also this week in our U.O.I. year 2.3 started interviewing different people that belong to the LIS community and learned about their responsibilities in order to understand the importance of different roles within a community. Check some pictures of our busy busy week. [gallery columns="4" ids="1054,1055,1056,1057,1058,1059,1060,1061,1062,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1068,1069,1070,1071,1072,1073,1074,1075,1076,1077,1078,1079,1080,1081,1082,1083,1084,1085,1086,1087,1088,1089,1090,1091,1092,1093"]

Week 4 – Sep 4 – 8

Dear Parents,

During this past week students endeavored into recounting and creating stories to be written during language lessons. That was the very next step in order to develop their writing skills that started with only drawing a comic story sequence with titles.

In mathematics, students were challenged to create, in groups of 4, a variety of shapes using only a piece of yarn. They also got to use some of their addition and subtraction skills to solve simple problems.

Our understanding of community is growing and getting more complex looking at different communities, and different roles and responsibilities which make the students wonder which communities they belong to.

Year 2.3 also received a visit from year 5.1 for the first time and the pupils got to know their buddies and interact to them talking about PEACE and what it means to them.

Important info:

  • Jogathon is happening this Saturday. This is an amazing event when the community gets together to help less privileged kids from the Orphanage Casa das Crianças.
  • We kindly remind you to send headphone with your child and explain that they are responsible for their headphones in the school.
  • Please see below the link for the Back to School Presentation where you can find all the information about routines, snacks, sports, ASAs, Home Learning, Reading, etc.
[gallery columns="4" ids="1045,1044,1043,1042,1038,1039,1040,1041,1037,1036,1035,1034,1033,1031,1030,1026,1027,1029,1025,1028,1024,1022,1023,1021,1020,1018,1017,1016,1015,1014,1013,1012,1011,1010"]

Week 3 – Aug 28 – Sep 1

Dear Parents,

The discovery that our 2.3 classroom is a community is definitely an amazing experience, and now the students see themselves as a big family. They managed to finish our Y2.3 Agreement for the year, that still can be amended at any time according to our needs and they also understood the different responsibilities inside the classroom.

In language we began to access the curriculum by taking little steps. Lots of work was put into the recount process with beginning, middle and end, as well as finding names (titles and subtitles) that would suit the corresponding drawing. Also this week we had many different activities in mathematics, to elicit attention, increase visual skills and help the students to think in many different ways with numbers and shapes. When looking at the pictures from this week, choose one to share with your child. Ask him/her to describe what was happening in class when the picture was taken. This will help them to remember their work, what they did in class, and also help with vocabulary and articulation of words. Here are some pictures from this week: [gallery columns="4" ids="958,959,960,961,962,963,964,965,966,967,968,969,970,971,972,973,974,975,976,977,978,979,980,981,982,983,984,985,986,987,988,989,990,991,992,993,994,995,996,997,998,999,1000,1001"]

Week 2 – August 12-15

Dear Parents, Last week the students started getting to know a bit more about our current unit, How We Organize Ourselves. During the week students added their information to a world map, built their own dream board and played cooperative games. In language, Year 2.3 started developing good habits by reading everyday. This habit will become a powerful tool for language acquisition throughout the year. Students also started to write about their weekend. In Mathematics, students had a week of challenges that had to do with patterns, counting and observing details in mathematical problems. Here are some pictures from the last week: [gallery columns="4" ids="931,932,933,934,935,936,937,938,939,940,941,942,943,944,945,946,947,948,949,950,951,952,953"]

Week 1 – August 14-18

Dear Parents, Year 2.3 spent a fair amount of time getting to know each other and building our friendship skills, but they also worked very hard this first week. Students went to visit Mr. Chris in his office and even listened to Mr. Chris' favorite story! In the classroom, our pupils set some routines and talked about behavior, expectations and goals to be achieved. After all the introductions, our students began their learning process with the basic knowledge they need: It is okay to make mistakes because we actually learn from them! Next week we will dive into our unit How The World Works. For that reason, we would like to make the unit overview available for the parents to understand a bit more about their child's learning process and content. Link: Check some pictures of the first week's best moments. [gallery columns="4" ids="896,897,898,899,900,901,902,903,904,905,906,907,908,909,910,911,912,913,914,915,916,917,918,919,920,921,923,924,925"]

Welcome 2.3

Dear 2.3 Parents and Students, We are excited to meet you in this coming week and get to know you in preparation for our year of learning! For your information: We realize a new school year is an exhilarating (yet overwhelming!) time. We’d like to share a few notes that will help us ease into our new year:  
  • Our main method of communication to parents about learning in 2.3 will be through our class blog. On this blog I will be sharing information about the students’ learning engagements, the curriculum, lots of pictures of the goings on in the class and some recommendations about how you as parents can assist your child’s learning. So that you can stay in touch with all the fun learning going on in our class, I recommend that you check the blog regularly. I also recommend that you subscribe to our blog so that you receive a weekly email that will include links to all of the newest postings. To subscribe, find the “Subscribe by Email” section at the bottom right hand of the page and enter the email address where you would like notifications to be sent.
  • Please send a small, nutritious snack with your child each day; make sure that your child can manage opening their snack without help, as independence is a big part of our learning.
  • Sun safety is a priority at LIS. Please send a labeled hat and reusable water bottle to school; both are required for play during break times.
  • On library days, we encourage students to bring a separate bag with them to ensure books are not damaged in their backpacks.
  • Please ensure your child wears PE gear (shorts, t-shirt and appropriate shoes) on their 2 scheduled PE days. On swimming days, please pack a swim kit including: swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and flip-flops.
  • It is crucial that you inform us, or the LIS office, of any changes to your child’s school transportation arrangements: bus, private car, play-dates, etc. Thank you for understanding – your child’s safety is very important to us.
  • All families must complete the language profile that has been sent home. Please return it to the classroom as soon as possible.
  Finally, all parents are reminded that Connection Meetings will be held on Friday 1stSeptember 2017. Sign ups will be done online this year (more information to follow).   Best Regards, Enderson Bispo