2.3 last blog post

Dear Y2 Parents,

We would like to inform you that starting on December 4th, we will begin using Seesaw as our main form of communication. Please ensure that you are connected to Seesaw in order to receive important communication and updates about your child’s learning. The class blogs will still be active, but we will no longer be posting regular updates via this platform.

Emails were sent on the 12th of November by the IT department from Oscar Sala (oscala@lisluanda.com) with instructions as well as the necessary QR code and link for accessing Seesaw.

Thank you,

The Year 2 Team

Caros Pais do Ano 2,

Gostaríamos de informá-lo que, a partir do dia 04 de dezembro, começaremos a usar a Seesaw como nossa principal forma de comunicação. Certifique-se de estar conectado ao Seesaw para receber importantes comunicações e atualizações sobre a aprendizagem do seu filho. Os blogs da turma ainda estarão ativos, mas não estaremos postando atualizações regulares por meio dessa plataforma.

Emails foram enviados no dia 12 de novembro pelo departamento de TI da Oscar Sala (oscala@lisluanda.com) com instruções, bem como o código QR necessário e o link para acessar o Seesaw.

A Equipe do Ano 2

Week 10 – Oct 23-27

Dear Parents,

Among several skills, scientists have to be able to write procedures and hypothesize (try to guess) what is going to happen to their experiments based on what they already know. So in order to become scientists the students started to write a hypothesis for every experiment performed in the classroom.

Year 2.3 also started to understand units of measurement after they received a visit from a member of our community. Mr. Beto works in the maintenance department and visited us to show the students how he measures objects and what are the units of measurement used often by the school. With their previous knowledge and what they learned from Mr. Beto, students started to estimate and measure length for different objects in the classroom.

In our Unit of Inquiry How The World Works we reached the subjects of force and motion and the students were very excited to try different experiments with motion. Also they identified the main forces (push, pull, gravity) and were trying to explain how these forces are applied in our daily activities.

Still this week, year 2.3 went to visit their buddies from year 5.1 in the library and had a great time working on strategies for reading. Our buddies are amazing teachers and are working very hard to help year 2.3 to become better readers.

Check some pictures of our adventures:

Week 9 – Oct 9-13

Dear Parents,

Another week has flown by us and all the LIS community will have the opportunity of spending 1 week with family.

During this week in language 2.3 started learning and engaging in procedural writing, noticing how important writing procedures are for a scientist when creating and performing experiments. Students wrote procedures for “How to brush your teeth” and Mr. Enderson tried them out to check if they really work.

In order to write procedures, students were initiated on experiments. After being introduced to new tools and equipments students went off in groups to create their own experiment. Some really interesting and smelly experiments were created and tested. Also in the same week, Doctor/Scientist Nazneen visited our classroom and challenged the students to create a way of moving a box without touching it.

During mathematics 2.3 began to search for ways of measuring things. They are currently trying to find ways to measure one table and come up with the same number.

Check some of the pictures from this week:

Week 8 – Oct 2-6

Dear Parents,

Last week was busy but full of discovery. In language lessons students started to use conventions for writing (ex: spaces between words, capital letters, lower case letters and periods/a.k.a. full stop). During the language lessons they partook in an activity when they had to be principled and assess themselves on their own writing.

In mathematics students discovered that they can organize objects by attributes. For it to happen they had to visit and search for words to describe the object’s attributes. Besides the sorting out activities, they were also keen to organize numbers and had their first experience with place and value (ex: units, tens and hundreds).

Our new unit of inquiry (How The World Works) is about science. Students are trying to understand what science is and how forces work. They were extra keen to be in touch with all the “science objects” brought to the classroom and are now working to understand what a scientist is and how they make a science experiment.


If you are a scientist and would like to join us in one short lesson about what you do for living, please send me an e-mail: ebispo@lisluanda.com

Also, the nature of this unit is trying things out, making observations and taking notes. Please encourage your little scientist to try things out and ask them how things work. We will work with forces: push, pull and gravity. Feel free to ask questions to your child. The goal is to have them thinking about the different ways things work.

Week 7 – Sep 25 – 29


Home reading: We are changing the system of home reading. Now the students will take a book home, stay for 2 days(they read and re-read the same book on the next day), then bring the book back to school in order to have another book to take home. This happens because we have had cases of students forgetting the books, and unfortunately we can’t afford having books missing.

Headphones: We would like to ask for parents to send headphones to the school. These headphones will stay in the student’s cubby and they are responsible for them. They will be used during Ipad activities.

Music lessons: Year 2.3 is having fun during music lessons and Ms. Betsy sent us a nice game that can be played at home and is part of the How We Organize Ourselves unit. Click here.


Dear Parents,

After an unexpected holiday on Tuesday, Year 2.3 had a good week working really hard on different activities to show Ms. Isabel and Mr. Enderson what they learned during the How We Organize Ourselves unit.

UOI: Students worked on a project to help improving LIS community. Really good ideas became real projects with different people of our community involved in different roles and responsibilities within the project. Their hard work is reflected on our Discovery Wall which is now full of thoughts and ideas.

Language: This week we started sending books home in order to have the students building the habit of reading every day at home with family.

Maths: Students worked on pictographs and tally marks during the last 2 weeks and decided to have some displays around the classroom to remind them how to build and use the graphs.

Week 6 – Sep 18-22

Dear Parents,

Last week was really short due to the holidays and Peace Day, however we were able to take some pictures of our students working hard with their buddies to finish their “Peace” art and also during some of the Mathematics and Language Activities.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forgot the Peace Parade!

Check some pictures below:





Up to 60 ………. LIS parents and their children
(Years 1 to 6 only)

6……….reading areas with expert readers

A dash……….of FUN – come dressed in your PJs, pillows and favorite stuffed animals welcome


Combine the above in the LIS Primary Library on Wednesday 4 October 2017 at 6:30pm. Enjoy great books and company for one hour.

Entry fee (to be donated to the children of Casa das Crianças): a pack of NEW colored pencils, markers or writing paper per family.

Spaces are limited! To attend Family Reading Night, please complete sign-up HERE.

QUESTIONS? Contact prilibrary@lisluanda.com or pop into the Primary Library





Até 60……….Pais e alunos da LIS
(apenas dos Anos 1 a 6)

6……….áreas de leitura diferentes, com leitores experientes

Uma pitada de……….DIVERSÃO – vistam o pijama, tragam uma almofada e o vosso peluche favorito


Misturem todos os ingredientes na Biblioteca da Primária da LIS na Quarta-feira, 4 de Outubro de 2017, às 18:30. Deixem(-se) repousar durante uma hora, na companhia de bons livros.

Valor da entrada (a ser doado às crianças da Casa das Crianças): uma caixa nova de lápis de cor, marcadores ou papel de escrita por família.

Os lugares são limitados! Para participar na Noite de Leitura em Família, preencha por favor esta ficha de inscrição.

Dúvidas? Contacte-nos pelo email prilibrary@lisluanda.com, ou apareça na Biblioteca da Primária

Week 5 – Sep 11 – 15

Dear Parents,

This week we started sending books home. I hope you all have had a great time with your child reading at night and using the pencils for sight words. We are still adjusting the books according to every reader, so I would like to keep receiving your feedback about the reading difficulty (easy/hard).

Every single year 2.3 student had a surprise on Monday: they received a letter from their buddies from Year 5.1 and became “Pen Buddies” by exchanging letters weekly. In order for this to happen, the students needed to learn some conventions for letter writing.

In mathematics we had the students working hard with their morning mental maths and discovering the benefits of using graphs to count objects. The students were trying to help Mr. Dylan to count all the toys and structures in the playground.

Also this week in our U.O.I. year 2.3 started interviewing different people that belong to the LIS community and learned about their responsibilities in order to understand the importance of different roles within a community.

Check some pictures of our busy busy week.

Week 4 – Sep 4 – 8

Dear Parents,

During this past week students endeavored into recounting and creating stories to be written during language lessons. That was the very next step in order to develop their writing skills that started with only drawing a comic story sequence with titles.

In mathematics, students were challenged to create, in groups of 4, a variety of shapes using only a piece of yarn. They also got to use some of their addition and subtraction skills to solve simple problems.

Our understanding of community is growing and getting more complex looking at different communities, and different roles and responsibilities which make the students wonder which communities they belong to.

Year 2.3 also received a visit from year 5.1 for the first time and the pupils got to know their buddies and interact to them talking about PEACE and what it means to them.

Important info:

  • Jogathon is happening this Saturday. This is an amazing event when the community gets together to help less privileged kids from the Orphanage Casa das Crianças.
  • We kindly remind you to send headphone with your child and explain that they are responsible for their headphones in the school.
  • Please see below the link for the Back to School Presentation where you can find all the information about routines, snacks, sports, ASAs, Home Learning, Reading, etc.

Week 3 – Aug 28 – Sep 1

Dear Parents,

The discovery that our 2.3 classroom is a community is definitely an amazing experience, and now the students see themselves as a big family. They managed to finish our Y2.3 Agreement for the year, that still can be amended at any time according to our needs and they also understood the different responsibilities inside the classroom.

In language we began to access the curriculum by taking little steps. Lots of work was put into the recount process with beginning, middle and end, as well as finding names (titles and subtitles) that would suit the corresponding drawing.

Also this week we had many different activities in mathematics, to elicit attention, increase visual skills and help the students to think in many different ways with numbers and shapes.

When looking at the pictures from this week, choose one to share with your child. Ask him/her to describe what was happening in class when the picture was taken. This will help them to remember their work, what they did in class, and also help with vocabulary and articulation of words.

Here are some pictures from this week: