First week back…

It was great to hear from the students about their holidays either away or in Angola. Our first week back is a short one due to ‘Student Led Conferences’ on Thursday and Friday. Congratulations to all those students who brought their parents to school – you all did very well sharing your learning with your parents.


We used our ‘hand-span’ to measure different objects in the room.  Before we measured we had to hypothesize how many hand-spans it would take to measure each object.  As we measured we had to make sure we were measuring as straight as we could to give us an accurate answer.


Ms. Lisa is pleased with the reading progress as everyone is reading regularly at home.  It is good to see ‘reading’ is something enjoyed by many.  Keep up the good work 2.2.


We all shared our Writing goal with our parents at SLCs.

A good writer… Goal Sheet-1a72dnb 

Athletics Day

On Tuesday morning we woke to drizzly rain but this didn’t stop the Athletics day going ahead. Before long the rain disappeared and we had a great morning rotating around the various stations, showcasing what we’d learnt during the term in P.E.










Buddy Time

This week we went to 6.3 and enjoyed creating a Halloween Craft with our buddy.












The Balloon Experiment

On Friday we became Scientists and used our thinking skills to answer a question using these materials: string, rocket on a straw, balloon, and tape. The question was: “How can the balloon move up the string?” We came up with an hypotheses before we carried out our experiment to test our thinking. In our groups we worked together to test our hypotheses – we needed to repeat our experiment over and over and try new ideas as we observed what was happening.  We decided the balloon needed to be in a place where the ‘air’ could escape and cause the balloon to move.




Last Week of Term

What a wonderful first term we have had getting to know each other and learning together. Congratulations to all students for taking action with their learning and for sharing your knowledge and skills with others. I look forward to seeing you all next term. Happy holidays…

Maths this Week

We used our whiteboards to record equations that represented the counters inside the circle. The equations included ‘addition’ and ‘subtraction’. We talked about how we could solve these math problems best. Ishan used his knowledge of doubling numbers and adding on or taking off the number. So for 5 counters + 7 counters, Ishan’s strategy looks like: 5 + 5 make 10 + 2 = 12.

We also practiced the strategy we learnt when we played Tower Races – ‘Counting on from the biggest number’. So, 5 and 7 becomes 7 + 5 and we count from 7… 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Measurement – How do these measuring tools FUNCTION?

We looked at various measuring tools that measure different things in different ways.  The measuring tools we looked at were: Metre rulers, Tape Measure, clock, tiles, eraser, feet, hands, cups. We worked with a partner and chose a measuring tool to draw and explain its’ function. Then we used our measuring tool to measure things in the classroom.

Handwriting Focus

This week we talked about our ‘tall stick’ letters. We need to start our ‘tall stick’ letters at the top line.

Writers Workshop

Our focus this week in writing has been on Procedural Writing. We use procedural writing to record ‘Science’ experiments.


How the World Works

We started our new Unit of Inquiry on How the World Works. Here are some of our ideas we came up with about this theme.

We looked at this image and discussed how we thought it worked…

 We talked about its Function.

This is what we came up with…

  • It has a remote (David)
  • Electricity (Marco)
  • It takes phones up and what you can’t see it takes a picture (Mikala)
  • You use a control to use it (Aysel)
  • It can go upside down (Aysel)
  • It has a camera (Ishan)
  • It senses people (Lily)

Ms. Lisa read us the book called, The Thingamabob. It is a story about an elephant who uses his inquiring mind to find out how the ‘thingamabob’ works…

We demonstrated how the ‘thingamabob’ worked.

Moving the Box

Dr. Nasneen was our special visitor on Friday and she came in with lots of heavy boxes and tools we could ‘experiment’ with.  We talked about the words Science and Scientists.

We were put into groups and had to move the boxes without using our hands, to a mark on a table…

In our reflection at the end of this challenge this is what we came up…

First week in October in 2.2

Summative Feedback with Ms. Rose

Olympics Day

A big thank you to the Year 11 students who organised with Ms. Nicky a fabulous Olympics Day on Tuesday. We spent the day spread across different teams and year groups.

Buddy Time

This week we went to 6.3s room for our buddy time where we spent time listening to picture books with our buddies. Our buddy had prepared questions to ask us throughout the story.

Handwriting Practice

We used the whiteboards to practice the letters that go in the same direction. The letters we practiced today were: a, c, d, e, g, o, q. We talked about the ‘drop’ letters g and q.


This week we learnt a new game called Tower Races. To play Tower Races you need two dice, a tower template and unifex cubes. You roll the dice and add the two numbers together – we talked about ‘counting on from the biggest number’ to find the sum quickly.

Ms Josefina has been doing some work in groups on ‘number recognition’.  We have also been exploring the Math Apps on the iPads and using play dough to make numbers and equations.

Writing Celebrations

Ms. Lisa has been impressed with the writing in 2.2 this week. She uses her ‘gold’ highlighter to highlight the ‘good writer’ skills in our writing and the ‘pink’ highlighter for the things in my writing I need to ‘think’ about. “Gold for Glory” and “Pink for Think”.

The writers in 2.2 are learning to extend their ideas in writing and to try our best at recording the sounds in a word we do not know. Ms. Lisa and Ms. Josefina have been setting our personal writing goals with us too.

Unit of Inquiry Summative

Decision Making in Groups

To conclude our unit of inquiry on How We Organise Ourselves we came up with a list of ideas for the Year 1 and 2 playground area and voted to get our Top 5.  We then chose which idea we wanted to work in a group with to discuss our needs to make this goal happen. (see attached audio files)

Dei – Swing (8)

Marco – tennis balls and rackets and tennis court (4)

Cristian – Soccer field and ball and goal posts (9)

Sonia – Merry go round (5)

Mikala – More Math activities for free choice (4)

Deena – Spring seats in the playground (4)

Aryan – Safety Rule Boards (5)

Alicia – More papers to draw (8)

Dei – Swinging chairs and tables (9)

Yanesa – Outside screen for movies (8)

Ruben – iPads for outside (10)

Lueji – Music to dance and to sing to. Books.(8)

Ishan – Tiny box of instruments (1)

Aysel – Pool to use at lunchtime (9)

Lueji – Art supplies for lunch time (1)

Mikala – Giant lollipop to climb up and eat (7)

Olympics Day Tuesday Next Week

The students got very excited today when we started to talk about next Tuesday’s Olympics Day which is being run by the Year 12 students. Here is a list of students and their house colours. The Year 12s have chosen a SUPERHERO theme this year. Your child can either come to school in their team colour or their Superhero theme.

Please remember a drink bottle, sneakers, and sunhats and sunblocks.

Group Decision Making

Community Needs

We started to talk about the needs of different communities which made us think hard about the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

Needs Provocation…

Together we looked at this picture of an ’empty’ classroom and gathered our thinking on what we thought this classroom needs to have it function. We then went away in groups to record our ideas.

Week 6 in 2.2

We missed our Library time this week due to the long weekend. Ms. Josefina takes us to the library on Tuesdays. It was great to hear the Library Assistants appreciate 2.2 and their enthusiasm and respectful manner in which they behave in the library.

Using our ‘thinking skills’ during Literacy Stations…

Peace Day Appreciation and Celebrations…

We created a tiled mosaic with our 6.3 Buddies to commemorate Peace Day.