Unit of Inquiry Summative

Decision Making in Groups

To conclude our unit of inquiry on How We Organise Ourselves we came up with a list of ideas for the Year 1 and 2 playground area and voted to get our Top 5.  We then chose which idea we wanted to work in a group with to discuss our needs to make this goal happen. (see attached audio files)

Dei – Swing (8)

Marco – tennis balls and rackets and tennis court (4)

Cristian – Soccer field and ball and goal posts (9)

Sonia – Merry go round (5)

Mikala – More Math activities for free choice (4)

Deena – Spring seats in the playground (4)

Aryan – Safety Rule Boards (5)

Alicia – More papers to draw (8)

Dei – Swinging chairs and tables (9)

Yanesa – Outside screen for movies (8)

Ruben – iPads for outside (10)

Lueji – Music to dance and to sing to. Books.(8)

Ishan – Tiny box of instruments (1)

Aysel – Pool to use at lunchtime (9)

Lueji – Art supplies for lunch time (1)

Mikala – Giant lollipop to climb up and eat (7)

Group Decision Making

Community Needs

We started to talk about the needs of different communities which made us think hard about the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

Needs Provocation…

Together we looked at this picture of an ’empty’ classroom and gathered our thinking on what we thought this classroom needs to have it function. We then went away in groups to record our ideas.

Roles and Responsibilities of LIS Community Workers

We explored other roles of people who work at LIS. Mr Dylan came in to share with us his role and responsibilities and so did Aunty Irani our cleaner.  Irani speaks Portugese so Ruben translated for Ms Lisa and others.  Dei and Alicia asked questions in Portugese.

We worked in groups and ‘brainstormed’ what we thought these LIS worker’s roles and responsibilities were: Security Guard, Cleaner, Property Manager, Maintenance Workers and our Librarian.

How We Organise Ourselves

This week we have been talking about the word ‘community’ and how we are part of many different communities.  We wrote about our ‘classroom community’ and discussed ways that help make our ‘classroom community’ a better place. A lot of our ideas are on our Essential Agreement.

We talked about the community where we live. Ammar and Joao Pedro have shared their photos of where they live.

On Friday the teachers in 2.2 dressed as another ‘role’ in the LIS Community…