The force of Gravity

We revisited our understanding of forces and learnt more about the force of ‘gravity’ in an experiment using paper clips, string, a ruler and magnets.

We discovered that the force of gravity was not as strong when competing with the magnetic force of the magnet.  The paperclip was able to stay suspended under the magnet for a period before gravity pulled it down.




This week’s discussions and activity have been on describing forces. We reflected on the ‘box’ and ‘balloon’ science experiments we did and decided they had things in common.

We decided that a ‘force’ was when you push or pull something to change it’s position. Ms Lisa place a measuring tape in the middle of our circle and were asked: How many ways can you move this object?

We demonstrated the ‘action’ of pushing and pulling by moving our bodies forward and backward on the carpet.

In our science books we glued pictures demonstrating pushing, pulling or both onto a table in the place where it belonged.



The Balloon Experiment

On Friday we became Scientists and used our thinking skills to answer a question using these materials: string, rocket on a straw, balloon, and tape. The question was: “How can the balloon move up the string?” We came up with an hypotheses before we carried out our experiment to test our thinking. In our groups we worked together to test our hypotheses – we needed to repeat our experiment over and over and try new ideas as we observed what was happening.  We decided the balloon needed to be in a place where the ‘air’ could escape and cause the balloon to move.




How the World Works

We started our new Unit of Inquiry on How the World Works. Here are some of our ideas we came up with about this theme.

We looked at this image and discussed how we thought it worked…

 We talked about its Function.

This is what we came up with…

  • It has a remote (David)
  • Electricity (Marco)
  • It takes phones up and what you can’t see it takes a picture (Mikala)
  • You use a control to use it (Aysel)
  • It can go upside down (Aysel)
  • It has a camera (Ishan)
  • It senses people (Lily)

Ms. Lisa read us the book called, The Thingamabob. It is a story about an elephant who uses his inquiring mind to find out how the ‘thingamabob’ works…

We demonstrated how the ‘thingamabob’ worked.

Moving the Box

Dr. Nasneen was our special visitor on Friday and she came in with lots of heavy boxes and tools we could ‘experiment’ with.  We talked about the words Science and Scientists.

We were put into groups and had to move the boxes without using our hands, to a mark on a table…

In our reflection at the end of this challenge this is what we came up…