Week 5

Another busy week in 2.2… We enjoy moving to music – this week we changed our Just Dance Kids to ‘Despicable Me’.


In maths this week we have been exploring pictographs and bar graphs.  We have been using them to gain information and we constructed our own.

Literacy Stations

We began our ‘literacy stations’ this week which included a writing table, word work, iPads using apps to support our learning, and guided reading with Ms. Lisa.


We continue learning about the communities we belong to and have written about our own community where we live and the LIS community.

Buddy Time

On Wednesday afternoon we spent time with 6.3 reading and planning for our Peace Day Art…


Roles and Responsibilities of LIS Community Workers

We explored other roles of people who work at LIS. Mr Dylan came in to share with us his role and responsibilities and so did Aunty Irani our cleaner.  Irani speaks Portugese so Ruben translated for Ms Lisa and others.  Dei and Alicia asked questions in Portugese.

We worked in groups and ‘brainstormed’ what we thought these LIS worker’s roles and responsibilities were: Security Guard, Cleaner, Property Manager, Maintenance Workers and our Librarian.

How We Organise Ourselves

This week we have been talking about the word ‘community’ and how we are part of many different communities.  We wrote about our ‘classroom community’ and discussed ways that help make our ‘classroom community’ a better place. A lot of our ideas are on our Essential Agreement.

We talked about the community where we live. Ammar and Joao Pedro have shared their photos of where they live.

On Friday the teachers in 2.2 dressed as another ‘role’ in the LIS Community…

Week 4

Inspirational Maths Lessons this week…

We used square tiles to create rectangles with different dimensions and drew around the rectangles we made. There were many different sized rectangles made. We drew some rectangles on grid paper and recorded the dimensions.

We used a tied ribbon in groups and worked together as a team to create different shapes. When we were ready we had to convince Ms. Lisa and Ms. Josefina that we’d successfully made our shape. This lesson was about believing in yourself and convincing your class mates and teacher that you can work towards meeting a challenge. The star shape at the end was the hardest. Our groups were made bigger to help with this challenge.

We played a game called Grand Total to 10, using counters and whiteboards to record our moves. With a partner we took turns to put down either 1, 2 or 3 counters. The first person to make 10 wins the game.

Peace Day discussions with our Buddies

This week we spent time with our Buddy class 6.3. On September 22 LIS is celebrating ‘Peace Day’. Ms. Lisa read a book called, What Does Peace Feel Like? We then talked with our buddy and chose to respond to the Y-Chart with …. What does peace ‘feel’ like, ‘sound’ like or ‘smell’ like.

Writing – Publishing

We had a visit from Mr. Chris and Ms. Jasmine this week. They brought along their puppets to talk about ‘making friends’ at school. Here is our writing we published.

Headphones please…

We have started using iPads to support our learning in the classroom. To reduce the noise of the iPads it would be appreciated if you could bring a set of headphones to school in a ziplock bag to keep in your child’s cubby hole.

Week 3

LIS Jogathon

Saturday 9 September

All donations are go towards the orphanage Casa das Crianças; which is an orphanage that the school has been working with for the past few years. As a community we would like your participation in donating shoes suitable for running, which will be used by the kids joining us, from the orphanage.

More ‘Inspirational Maths’ activities…








We sorted the shapes in different ways and completed different puzzle sequences.  One puzzle sequence alternated from ‘change in colour’ to ‘change in shape’. We used different combinations to do this.


Ms. Lisa has begun to listen to us read to her and she is deciding our ‘best fit’ reading level to start the year. We have started to bring our reading books home from our group boxes. Each night I will have a new book to read. I can keep the books in my home folder till the following Monday when all books are collected in and a new week begins.

This week I will get a ‘word list’ and I can keep the word list at home so I can practice reading the words on the list.  When I can read all the words on the list I can learn to write them.

By transferring the words onto cards I can play ‘memory’ game or use them as flash cards to help me learn them and say them quickly.

What makes a good writer?

We brainstormed some ideas about what a good writer looks like.

Here’s some of the ideas we came up with…

Good Writers…

  • Draw a good picture
  • They make books
  • Concentrate
  • Writing is about words
  • Know how to spell some words
  • Sound out the words they are trying to spell
  • Use words around the room to help them
  • Use a full stop to end a sentence
  • Use a capital letter to start the sentent



Week 2 for 2.2

We start our day with movement…


For reading this week we have been choosing books from our group box and reading to a partner or to Ms. Josefina or Ms. Lisa.  Next week we will bring a book home every night to read to or with our parents. As I get to know myself, and my teachers get to know me too, my selection of a book will be the ‘best fit’ for my ability.  I will bring home a Reading Log (see picture) where I write the name of the book I have read and together we can decide how many stars the book gets.  Ms. Lisa likes to know how I read at home and looks forward to reading comments from parents on the Reading Log.








This week in Maths we have been learning about ‘tally marks’ and using these to record information on a Pictograph.  We have also been sorting pictures and classroom equipment into groups during our Week of Inspirational Maths activities.  To do this we had to decide how some pictures/objects belonged together and why.










We have writing samples pinned on our Working Wall in the classroom. This week we wrote about the balloon experience in Mr. Enderson’s classroom.  We published our writing onto a balloon template which is displayed on the wall in the classroom.

Unit of Inquiry

How We Organise Ourselves

During this unit of inquiry we will be looking at how people in a community contribute to meet common goals. We have started finding out about ourselves in our ‘classroom community’.

We named the country where we were born and linked ourselves to our birth country on the World Map and traced around our country template.


Week 1 in Room 2.2

We began the week getting to know each other by name.  We moved around the room to music and when the music stopped we shook hands and introduced ourselves to another class mate.

We read with a partner…

We put the numbers from 0-10 in order in a group…

We looked at some words to see what words we could read and we played a game where we covered up the word with a counter…

We had a School Tour

We visited Mr. Patrick in his Workshop.

We went to visit Mr. Chris in his office. Mr. Chris read one of his favourite books to us about a cuddly penguin.


We are starting to talk about our Unit of Inquiry for this term – How We Organise Ourselves





Welcome to 2.2 – Ms. Lisa

Ms. Josefina and I are looking forward to meeting you all this week and getting to know you.  We hope you’ve all had a good holiday and are ready to come to school.

Here’s some things to remember from this week’s class newsletter…

  • Our main method of communication to parents about learning in 2.2 will be through our class blog. On this blog I will be sharing information about the students’ learning engagements, the curriculum, lots of pictures of the goings on in the class and some recommendations about how you as parents can assist your child’s learning. You will find our class blog at the following address http://blogs.lisluanda.com/2point2. So that you can stay in touch with all the fun learning going on in our class, I recommend that you check the blog regularly. I also recommend that you subscribe to our blog so that you receive a weekly email that will include links to all of the newest postings. To subscribe, find the “Subscribe by Email” section at the bottom right hand of the page and enter the email address where you would like notifications to be sent.


  • Please send a small, nutritious snack with your child each day; make sure that your child can manage opening their snack without help, as independence is a big part of our learning.


  • Sun safety is a priority at LIS. Please send a labeled hat and reusable water bottle to school; both are required for play during break times.


  • On library days, we encourage students to bring a separate bag with them to ensure books are not damaged in their backpacks.


  • Please ensure your child wears PE gear (shorts, t-shirt and appropriate shoes) on their 2 scheduled PE days. On swimming days, please pack a swim kit including: swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and flip-flops.


  • It is crucial that you inform us, or the LIS office, of any changes to your child’s school transportation arrangements: bus, private car, play-dates, etc. Thank you for understanding – your child’s safety is very important to us.


  • All families must complete the language profile that has been sent home. Please return it to the classroom as soon as possible.


Finally, all parents are reminded that Connection Meetings will be held on Friday 1st September 2017. Sign ups will be done online this year (more information to follow).


Warm Regards,

Lisa Hargreaves