2.2 Learning Engagements

We have been exploring Art in various forms and looking at how people express themselves in different ways to communicate and engage an audience.

When we write we have been communicating our ideas from our own personal experiences and learning to express our ideas and feelings in a poem.

Poetry Café

We prepared poems and learnt how to present these to an audience of Year 5s/6s and parents during a recent Assembly.

Lines, music, feelings…

Ms. Lisa played different music and we drew lines to represent the way we were feeling as we listened.  Later on we chose a colour that best fit the feeling we had during each piece of music and published our Poetry Café poems, placing this in the area that also described the feeling within the poem.

Expressing ourselves by moving to the music…

We enjoyed moving to music and exploring our movements.


Looking at Patterns in Shapes, Symbols and Number

We are making connections by describing what patterns are expressed by shapes, symbols and numbers.

An audience for Ms. Hannah

Ms. Hannah, who teachers visual arts in Years 3-6, shared her Digital Art ideas with us.

We enjoyed our time with our 6.3 Buddies who came to show us how they use ‘Thinking Circles’ in their classroom.  Ms. Lisa shared the book Duck, Rabbit! which shows how you can have a different perspective on what you see in pictures.  Is it a duck or a rabbit??


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Happy holidays and let’s continue being ‘active’ on SeeSaw.

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