How We Express Ourselves

What a great opportunity on Angolan Independence day to see so many different ways of expressing ourselves.

We are exploring different styles of poems and creating our own poems using each style.  So far we have looked at Acrostic and shape poems.

What is Art?

We used a ‘lay it on the line’ tool to decide whether we ‘agree’, ‘strongly agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’ on whether the performers we saw during the Angolan Independence day was a form of art.  The majority of 2.2 agreed that art comes in many different ways – singers, dancers, actors, musicians, poets and authors.


Mr Enderson organised a visit from an Angolan Sculptor, Germano da Silva who brought two of his sculptures to share with us.  He shared with us why he expresses himself in this way and what inspires him.  We asked questions in Portugese and translated in English. Germano enjoyed his visit and left us with his sculptures he brought to share.

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