Week 3 in 2.2.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a full week of school and the children are working hard in the classroom to build their knowledge.  Please remind your child to bring a hat and water bottle each day as we head into the summer months at LIS.

Some of the ways we’ve been communicating our ideas this week…

We wrote Acrostic Poems with our 6.3 Buddy Class 

We talked about what we do as a ‘presenter’ and as a ‘viewer’ (audience member) before we had a go at presenting our poem to the class.









This group used their mathematical knowledge of counting in groups of 10 to solve the problem.


This group used their mathematical knowledge with tools in the classroom that show numbers in their ‘-ty’s, e.g. 35 is 3, 10s and 5, 1s. We used an abacus, base ten blocks and ice-block sticks to show our numbers. If your child is in this group you can listen to the lesson on Seesaw when you have subscribed.


We used our communication skills outside to untangle ourselves in a group.

We used beginning letters and blends and added them to the endings we rolled with a dice to make a list of words.  They are called ‘word families’.



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