Our 3 Day Week


By now you would’ve received an email to say Year 2s are the next year group to launch ‘Seesaw’ as a way of sharing our learning.  As we move away from the Class Blog to Seesaw, you will see less on the blog and more individualized posts from your child. These will include examples of learning engagements and class work by photos, files, video or voice recordings with their work.  We are excited about this shift and look forward to sharing our learning with you on Seesaw.  Please feel free to see me with any questions.  More information will be coming your way during the ‘launching’ period.


We have continued to explore other ‘non-standard’ measuring tools as well as ‘standard’ ones this week.

We started ‘math stations’ in our groups.  The groups in the photo were learning that there are multiple pairs of numbers that can add to get the same number. e.g. 5+3 =8, 3+5=8, 6+2=8, 2+6=8, 1+7=8, 7+1=8.  We used sea animals in two tanks to represent our number stories.

During Literacy stations this week we had a word search on Halloween words. Ms. Josefina also checked our knowledge of list words we could write.


Ms Lisa came to watch us in the pool this week. We started in the small pool and moved to the big one. Mr. Antonia asked us to curl into a ‘mushroom’ and roll into the pool.  Some of us used flutter boards to swim.  We were gaining confidence to swim underwater in the deep pool.


One thought on “Our 3 Day Week

  • November 2, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    The kids are having lots of run, and looks like they are learning a lot from a great teacher.
    Hope u are enjoying yourself working with different cultures.


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