First week back…

It was great to hear from the students about their holidays either away or in Angola. Our first week back is a short one due to ‘Student Led Conferences’ on Thursday and Friday. Congratulations to all those students who brought their parents to school – you all did very well sharing your learning with your parents.


We used our ‘hand-span’ to measure different objects in the room.  Before we measured we had to hypothesize how many hand-spans it would take to measure each object.  As we measured we had to make sure we were measuring as straight as we could to give us an accurate answer.


Ms. Lisa is pleased with the reading progress as everyone is reading regularly at home.  It is good to see ‘reading’ is something enjoyed by many.  Keep up the good work 2.2.


We all shared our Writing goal with our parents at SLCs.

A good writer… Goal Sheet-1a72dnb 

Athletics Day

On Tuesday morning we woke to drizzly rain but this didn’t stop the Athletics day going ahead. Before long the rain disappeared and we had a great morning rotating around the various stations, showcasing what we’d learnt during the term in P.E.










Buddy Time

This week we went to 6.3 and enjoyed creating a Halloween Craft with our buddy.











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